AMLP: Super Post Part 2

Captain Spazzmataz’s Thoughts:

  • P. 310 – Miles might be my new favorite character. If he is not, he is a close second behind Leonard. He is just so great and nice.
  • P. 312 – Wow. Lilly is super dramatic.
  • P. 316 – I just feel like they have only really known each other for about a month, maybe less, and I think these feelings of love are a little premature.
  • P. 319 – I don’t understand his obsession with being able to look into his eyes. It is not like when you look into your eyes your entire life runs like a slideshow. I get the whole concept of you have to be able to look yourself in the eyes and accept what you see, but I am tired of reading about it.
  • P. 322 – I thought their argument was going well, but then all of a sudden it got super intense! It was kind of scary.
  • P. 332 – Well that ended very depressingly. I thought with all of the hype surrounding the fight that they were going to watch it. It is so depressing to finally hear that they can’t.
  • P. 334 – No. Not now. This is going to be so sad.
  • P. 337 – Why didn’t they run!? Are they stupid? Now everything is ruined. Also, I totally guessed it. Something bad did happen.
  • P. 341 – I really don’t like when he uses this style of writing. It is just so choppy and doesn’t really make any sense.
  • P. 345 – Yay! Go James!
  • P. 347 – Yay! More good people!
  • P. 349 – What is happening? He knows something that I don’t.
  • P. 352 – Okay. I get it now.
  • P. 352 – I don’t think it is the best idea to have a rehab center so close to an abandoned building filled with addicts. It seems like a bad combination to be. Also a bus station that is crawling with dealers seems like another bad idea. They obviously didn’t pick the location all that well. How are people trying to stay sober supposed to when they have to leave from a bus station that wants them to mess up?
  • P. 353 – Well I guess he passed that test that he wanted to put himself through.
  • P. 358 – That turned out much better than I thought it was

This section was probably my favorite so far. It was interesting, tense, and James is done being a baby. The book as a whole is much better now that he isn’t so whiny.

Super Koala Thoughts:

  • p. 310 – Oh, I miss Hank.  And I just love the way Miles speaks.  So very eloquent, even coming through the James Frey conversation generator.
  • p. 311 – Jesus, this is what she was upset about?  I guess it got easy to see Lilly as a reasonable, healing person.  Obviously not the case.
  • p. 313 – Lilly is more of a nutcase than I realized.  The psychiatrists are so right; two people this unstable have no business trying to form a relationship.
  • p. 317 – I guess this is a cute moment they’re having, but it’s all so worrisome.
  • p. 318 – Leonard.  Still scary.  Still adorable.
  • p. 320 – Who is this Bobby person?  And the guy that came back.  Shouldn’t they be focusing on improving themselves?
  • p. 321 – This story is horrifying.  The people telling it are horrifying.  I am so pro James punching them both.
  • p. 324 – Leonard is so incredibly, awesomely horrifying.
  • p. 328 – This is my nose wrinkled at very false feeling conversation, which is really just a monologue from Frey fused with more humble bragging.
  • p. 335 – I just feel like Lilly has formed this dependency on James really quickly.  You’re in a treatment facility with rules, and you can’t make these extraneous demands that jeopardize the other person.  That is not a healthy or supportive form of love.
  • p. 340 – As bad as this situation seems, it’s really positive that James says he needs to be there.
  • p. 342 – Miles is like a delightful and sympathetic superman.
  • p. 346 – This behavior is so exhaustive and irrational.
  • p. 347 – HANK IS BACK.
  • p. 349 – What is wrong with this bathroom?  Who is this guy?  What are we doing here?
  • p. 351 – Where is Leonard when you need him?
  • p. 354 – I am so confused by this location.  Is it some sort of mystical, run down crack hotel?
  • p. 355 – Well, Lilly hasn’t taken to this whole sobriety thing very well.  Precisely why they shouldn’t be in a relationship together at all.  Both people need to be stable.
  • p. 356 – This is terribly cute of Lincoln.  James needs to give people more credit.

This section was a lot to deal with.  James’ was impressive in his actions, though his attitude about how well he’s doing occasionally grates on me in this weird way.  I don’t know.  More than anything, I am once again so appreciative for the supporting characters.  I really feel like they steal the story of this book and keep it worthwhile.


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