AMLP: Super Post Part 1

Dearest Readers: As a part of our 24 hours of reading over a period of three days, we plan on finishing A Million Little Pieces this weekend, so be prepared for massive posts on our thoughts and reactions over these few days. Captain Spazzmataz’s thoughts:

  • P. 219 – Darn his dreams making me think he has fallen off the wagon again.
  • P. 221 – Leonard is still the best. I love him.
  • P. 228 – I don’t like whiny James. Go back to being happy James.
  • P. 229-230 – Why is he being so philosophical and deep. I feel like someone in his state of mind would not have these thoughts; also, it is weird and doesn’t make any sense especially considering the conversation he just had with Joanne.
  • P. 232 – We finally learn more about the Girl!
  • P. 233 – Well maybe if you weren’t such a butt face, you wouldn’t get embarrassed in front of your lady friend.
  • P. 234 – Don’t listen to his lies Girl!
  • P. 234 – No! She listened to them!
  • P. 235 – I don’t like in love James either. It is gross.
  • P. 237 – The plates thing is hilarious.
  • P. 239 – “If you do get caught, do it again.” That is fantastic advice Leonard.
  • P. 241 – Well now he is just being down right dramatic.
  • P. 244 – Daw. He can be cute sometimes.
  • P. 248-251 – I think that when people read this part that they should have realized that he was stretching the truth quite a bit. Also, I don’t know why, but I imagine him saying all of these things in a very monotone, bored, almost sarcastic tone of voice. Therefore, for me, his apology (if that is what you would call it) at the end comes off as super insincere.
  • P. 258 – That was sweet, even though I still kind of feel like his parents are insensitive.
  • P. 259-261 – Why doesn’t James’ parents go into the group meeting with him? I am confused. Didn’t other people’s family members go in too? Or was it just a big gathering of random family members and patients?
  • P. 265 – I am tired of this pity party. Maybe it is the fact that I know that basically none of this stuff is true, but I am really bored with it. Maybe if this book hadn’t been completely discredited then maybe I would have different feelings.
  • P. 266 – WHY!!! Why does he have to do these gross things!!!
  • P. 271 – I really like Miles. He seems to be a really good guy at heart.
  • P. 267 – I don’t really understand Lilly. Why would she still have faith in James after hearing all of the stories he told her. Also, she must be pretty dumb for going around telling other people about them. They are just going to wind up in trouble because of that.
  • P. 277 – Okay now I am really confused. When did she switch from talking about her mom to talking about herself?
  • P. 279 – I can see where this is going
  • P. 280 – Yup. I was right.
  • P. 284 – I am very annoyed with James’ mom. She needs to get over herself
  • P. 286 – Whoa, whoa, whoa! What happened, we were having a good moment, and it is just over now!?
  • P. 287 – I desperately want to know more about this new mysterious man.
  • P. 291 – I feel like there are other options to quitting other than AA and the Twelve steps. Maybe they haven’t been found yet, but it really bugs me that the facility doesn’t even try any methods. They are supposed to be helping these people get better. Why wouldn’t they be willing to try as many different treatments as possible?
  • P. 291 – For once, I totally agree with James.
  • P. 297 – Wow. He was really an awful kid.
  • P. 299 – Well I can see where James gets some of his anger issues from.
  • P. 305 – How can you possibly go two whole years without realizing that your child is screaming from nothing other than pain? I am starting to think that maybe they weren’t very good parents after all.
  • P. 308 – I don’t exactly buy into all of this mushy stuff. I feel like something bad is going to happen again. If it doesn’t the book will probably get really boring really fast.

Over all, this very large section was really good. It is finally getting to where James isn’t so whiny anymore and he actually wants to do something to make himself better, so that is much more pleasant than before. However, I think James Frey could learn the valuable lesson that a comma can go a long way. His punctuation style, or lack there of, made some chunks very difficult to read, and it was often confusing as to who was saying what.

Super Koala Thoughts:

  • p. 219 – The “start a segment with a troubling dream” technique is getting a little old.
  • p. 223 – I have this problem where I feel like he’s starting to develop a “look how strong I am” narrative.  It’s like a really sneaky form of humble bragging.  No body makes it without the Twelve Steps, but right now we’re supposed to believe intrepid James Frey will, step by step.
  • p. 227 – I am not deterred.  Leonard is still the best.
  • p. 232 – This Girl thing seems like a mess, and this Lilly thing seems like even more of a mess.  James clearly has interpersonal relationship issues.
  • p. 234 – I get a little skeptical when it comes to his conversations with Girl.  They just seem so oddly scripted, like a reel of bad movie moments.
  • p. 237 – One thousand bonus points to Lilly for not putting up with nonsense.
  • p. 240 – Leonard deserves all the Foo Fighters, because he is simply the best.
  • p. 241 – I feel like this rant on how addiction is presented to the public is a little overkill, but also valid.  Like, several really good points were made on this page.
  • p. 243 – Hooray! No dream sequence.  Yet
  • p. 244 – His attitude is starting to annoy me, though the Miles interaction was nice.  Miles is on my approved characters list.
  • p. 246 – But for real though, what do his parents do for a living?
  • p. 248 – Jeez, who were these theoretical babysitters?
  • p. 250 – I’m just really impressed by the idea of getting charged with “Felony Mayhem.”  James Frey is the Joker.
  • p. 252 – At least he gives the impression of being slightly self-actualized about the whole situation.  There’s not a lot of ridiculous excuses.  I almost think he could give himself a little more slack.
  • p. 256 – Uhm, this Ted story is really disturbing.  I do not understand the laughter.
  • p. 257 – Oh, Moms being Moms.  It’s like an unavoidable impulse.
  • p. 260 – I’m inordinately curious as to whether or not James hugged anyone.  He doesn’t strike me as a hugger.
  • p. 262 – I’m apprehensive about this whole parent conversation thing, but I find it to very brave of his parents.  Lilly was right when she said how lucky he was to have his parents participate in his rehabilitation and to care about him in general.
  • p. 267 – Well that was just NOT OKAY.
  • p. 270 – I really, really like Miles’s wife.
  • p. 271 – And Miles himself.
  • p. 273 – LILLY.  GROSS.
  • p. 282 – I just feel like now is not the time to be concerned about profanity.  Your son smokes crack, lady.
  • p. 285 – Definitely don’t believe that James has never hugged his mother in his entire life.  Toddler James probably hugged her.  Tone down the melodrama.
  • p. 287 – But really, why is Ted so disturbing?
  • p. 291 – I’m pro the treatment of addiction as though it is a disease, but I can thoroughly see James’s point on the issue.  I find it very interesting that, as an addict himself, he feels that way about it.
  • p. 293 – Given the bald man’s previous story, this moment makes me very warm and fuzzy.
  • p. 297 – Obviously, more parental fear is required.  It’s kind of a bummer they didn’t do something more than ground him for a month.  This process could have begun, in some ways, when he was fourteen.
  • p. 305 – I don’t really know what to do with this ear information.  If James can’t accept a genetic predisposition to addiction, it seems even less like that he would accept an horrific ear infection when he was a toddler.  Also, how did his parents not go absolutely crazy?

So far, the book is still fairly enjoyable.  I think the level of interest I have is indicative of a strong writing style, because there’s not a lot of “action” in this book, it’s mostly socially based.  However, I just positively loathe the conversations.  The retrospective take on them, and in some cases fabrication, makes them seem awkward and forced, as though Frey is writing this subpar movie of his life.


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