AMLP: Super Post Part 3

Dearest Readers,

We will finally be finished with this book after this post! It only took four months, but we stuck to it and only read it together.

Captain’s Thoughts:

  • P. 361 – I see thorough your lies James Frey! I shall no longer fall for the dream sequences at the beginning of your chapters.
  • P. 364 – I knew I liked Lincoln
  • P. 366 – Haha! This is great! It’s probably the first time I have actually laughed while reading this book.
  • P. 370 – Seriously though, James couldn’t have chosen hang out with a better group of people.
  • P. 372 – No no no! Miles cannot be sad!
  • P. 374 – How do they not know what is going on? I know what is going on, and they haven’t even told me yet!
  • P. 375 – Well isn’t this just the gosh darn most precious moment ever.
  • P. 381 – Oh. It was so nice to have a whole chapter without Lilly, and then he has to go and ruin it and talk about her again. James, this is not healthy.
  • P. 384 – Well this whole laughing party is just sad.
  • P. 387 – What is this Inventory and what does it entail?
  • P. 389 – No. This is the cutest moment ever. Leonard is literally the best ever.
  • P. 394 – James was honestly a genuinely horrible kid.
  • P. 397 – Wait what!? He can’t just leave it like that. Is he going to say what happened with that man?
  • P. 400 – Why is Matty’s wife an idiot?
  • P. 406 – So that’s what he did. Okay.
  • P. 412 – Who sent those and why? What was the point?
  • P. 414 – It has bothered me this entire book that James doesn’t read the Tao in order. He skips all over the place, and it bothers me.
  • P. 419 – Why would James care if Lilly’s supervisor is telling him to leave? He is leaving the complex, so they can’t really kick him out.
  • P. 422 – Yay Hank! I love Hank!
  • P. 424 – Okay. This is tied for the cutest moment. So many cute moments in this final stretch.
  • P. 424 – Why doesn’t James get a fancy ceremony when he leaves? Everyone else seemed to get a sort of going away party.
  • P. 429 – Of course. He can finally look into his eyes when he is testing his limits. How could anybody ever have guessed that?
  • Last Page – It doesn’t have an official page number, so yeah. I really liked that he finished with the ‘Where is everyone now’ bit. It is kind of cheesy, but I appreciate it. Mot of it is really sad, but there are a couple of people whose lives turned out okay, and that makes me feel good.

It is over. I have read A Million Little Pieces. I don’t know exactly how I feel about it, but I am happy to be done with it. I am not upset that I read it, just happy to be done. As a whole, the book was really good. It had some obvious fabrication to it, and some part did get repetitive and tedious, but overall, I enjoyed myself while reading it.

Super Koala Thoughts:

  • p. 361 – No, James Frey, you don’t.
  • p. 362 – I just get really unjustifiably annoyed with James’s treatment of the 12 Steps.  Not because I believe there is only one path to sobriety, but because I’m tired of him humble-bragging about his immense personal strength of will.
  • p. 363 – Lincoln is so cute!
  • p. 368 – Lower eyelid tattoos are no joke.
  • p. 370 – Miles and Leonard are so cute!  Though we already knew that.  I so passionately hope that they are real, adorable people.
  • p. 372 – Oh my goodness, this is about to be so cute.  I just know it.  Also, sad times for Miles’s sad times.
  • p. 377 – Poor, poor lobster.
  • p. 381 – I’m interested by the emphasis on the fight in the story.  I feel like there’s supposed to be some sort of metaphor that I’m not quite grasping.  Maybe because it’s not solidified enough.
  • p. 383 – Who possibly thought it would be good to have James be the greeter?  Have we learned nothing?
  • p. 384 – Ted and his Momma though.  So creepy.
  • p. 390 – All the end of the book cuteness!
  • p. 392 – Yay, Miles’s wife!
  • p. 394 – Man, James was the worst.  It’s a miracle his parents still like him at all.
  • p. 397 – I didn’t know it was possible to break this many things.
  • p. 400 – Well this is a terribly sad turn of events.
  • p. 405 – Before he even says what he did to this priest, I don’t believe him.  It’s just too perfect and full circle that the darkest thing he did would be to a priest and that he would also be revealing that secret to a priest.  Skepticism.
  • p. 407 – Skepticism is still strong.
  • p. 411 – I really like how the relationship between James and his counselors has progressed.  It speaks a lot to the growth he has gone through.
  • p. 418 – So much niceness.  Miles is fantastic.  Though, I’m still iffy about this Lilly thing.
  • p. 422 – Hank is back!
  • p. 425 – Time for a test?
  • p. 430 – What a wonderful brother.
  • I also liked the ending section, as I had been very curious about these things whilst reading the book.  Though it was a most depressing section.

I am finished!  For the most part, I think I liked this book.  The writing style, while unique and worth experiencing, was certainly not my favorite.  But, he did an excellent job of communicating his thoughts and emotions through said style.  I guess the biggest problem is reading it after the scandal.  I hate not knowing what to interpret as factual and what to interpret as fiction.  Overall, an interesting read.


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