1001 Movies: The Terminator

From the Chair of Super Koala, this is Captain Spazzmataz:

The Terminator was pretty okay. It wasn’t my most favorite movie in the world, but it was still good. I am kind of jealous of Arnold Schwarzenegger because he has some pretty great theme music that goes along with him anytime he is on screen. Literally, anytime he is in the shot, there is suspenseful music playing. I only say kind of jealous because it was really cool at the beginning, but by the end I was tired of it and annoyed. Also, the special effects were really rough. Whenever there was metal or anything other than skin showing on his face, you could see how fake his remaining flesh was. Continuing on the special effects, when the entire robot was exposed and moving, it looked soooo fake. A little more technology and movie magic needed to happen to really pull of what they were trying to do.

Another major issue was the sound. At some points in the action scenes, everything was really loud and intense, but when it calmed down you could barley hear anyone talking. I had to sit with the remote in my hand constantly changing the volume so I could hear what was being said without blowing out my eardrums during other parts. Other than that, I have no complaints of the movie. The plot was good, the acting was pretty okay (Sarah sort of annoyed me at times), and it was an overall enjoyable experience.

3 stars.

From the Couch of Super Koala:

Pulse pulse.  Pulse pulse.

Thus begins an exquisite series of entrances by Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator.  Though, like Spazzmataz, I originally got annoyed with his suspenseful soundtrack.  In fact, I was kind of disappointed with the suspense factor of the movie in general.  I just didn’t get any of those muscles tightened from fear and tension moments from this film.  Maybe I would have felt differently in the 80s, but now I know there is a sequel.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie.  I was really impressed with how much storytelling was done without the use of any words.  The action sequences were really well thought out and purposeful, not just done for the sake of looking cool.  I also, unlike my sister, loved Sarah Connor as a main character.  One of my favorite thing about the 80s is the emergence of strong, female movie leads.  I definitely think, even if she is the world’s worst waitress, Connor falls in that category, especially as she drags Reese through the end of the film.

The number one aspect that kept me from full enjoyment of this movie was easily the master audio.  It was so annoying.  There were several plot altering segments that I could not hear if Captain Spazzmataz was not constantly adjusting the volume. This, along with weird lighting, is easily one of my biggest movie pet peeves.

Still, I was surprised to find myself a fan.  Four stars.


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