1001 Movies: Terminator 2: Judgement Day

From the Chair of Super Koala, this is Captain Spazzmataz:

I have found another case in which the sequel is better than the first!

This Terminator was so much better than the original. The action scenes were better, the special effects were better, the dialog was better, and we didn’t get tired and have to watch it in two chunks. Sarah Connor still sort of annoyed me, but for the most part she was better too! There are just some instances in which I am tired of her whining and nonsense, however, she did grow on me a little. Also, Arnold was much more likable. I enjoyed it much better with him as a good guy rather than a bad one. Furthermore, the sound track was infinitely better. I could hear everything without constantly changing the volume. And the Terminator’s theme song was so much better.

Just an all around better movie. 4 stars

From the Couch of Super Koala:

Man, I sit on my couch to type a lot. Anyhow.

Termie!  Like Spazzmataz, I found this movie to be so delightful, even more so than the first.  Kudos to you, James Cameron.  I’ll be nicer in the future when I make jokes about Avatar.  I think the addition of a child figure, particularly a funny, tough, empathetic, well acted one, really softened the movie.  There’s more evidence of the full emotional spectrum.  Parts made me happy, parts made me sad, parts made me chuckle.  I also feel like the evolution of the Terminator was very realistic.  He wasn’t just this suddenly gushing, gooey character.  He developed in a logical, endearing way.

Conversely, I didn’t quite feel the same about Sarah Connor’s development.  Even with the provided back story and the looming doom of humanity, I don’t really get how she turned from a denim wearing, Spanish learning mother-to-be to a traumatized, mental patient escapee.  It just all seemed very drastic.  I will make it my life goal, however, to become Sarah Connor ala Terminator 2 ripped.  Those arms though.

I also got a little tired with the story line.  But only a little.  The end of this movie seemed too similar to the first, what with the Terminator being destroyed and continually respawning.  The shattering into nitrogen bits moment was really cool, but just entirely undermined by the emergence of the T-1000 three seconds later.  It reminded me too much of the explosion scene at the end of the first.

Mild negatives and all, I really liked this movie.  Which is saying a lot, because many action movies tend to bore me a smidge.  For all the delight that it brought me, 5 stars.


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