1001 Movies: Three Kings

From the Chair of Super Koala, this is Captain Spazzmataz:

I am not normally fond of war movies, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

My only big upset with this movie is that Conrad (the man all the way on the right) doesn’t get to be a “king.” Just because he doesn’t get to complete the task, doesn’t mean he wasn’t important. Also, he was the one who came up with the title by singing “We Three Kings” at the beginning of the movie.

Other than that, I was really interested and captivated through the entire length of the movie. All of the actors were really great, and even though I was incredibly sleepy, I stayed awake for the whole thing.

4 stars

From the Couch of Super Koala:


I had no idea what this movie was about.  Possibly because I was eight at the time of its release, I had never seen any promotional nonsense for it or even been aware that it was, in fact, a movie.  And that is so sad because this movie is awesome.

The evolution of the characters just blew me away.  They start out on such a selfishly inspired quest, and they end up performing this amazing feat at the expense of their own well being.  The best part was that it all made sense.  At no point in time was I like, “Oh, yeah, that would never happen.”  I totally believed the story.  This movie also managed to fantastically show me why people think Ice Cube is a good actor.  I mean, everyone did a nice job acting wise, but Ice Cube sort of stole the show for me.

I don’t really have any negatives for this movie.  It manages to be so funny but also graphic, raw, and realistic.  While I have obviously never experienced wartime first hand, I do feel like this film did a good job of portraying the sentiments many people have overseas toward America in this time period.  Overall, I’m incredibly impressed.

I also give this one five stars.  It was a great day for movie watching.

Total Butt Count: One.  With a map sticking out of it.  Prolonged camera time.  As a viewer, not disturbed.


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