1001 Movies: Bowling for Columbine

From the Couch of Super Koala, No One is Surprised:

So many thoughts on this movie.  As a precursor, this was my first Michael Moore documentary, so I’m pretty unfamiliar with his work.  All I previously knew of him was what the general, mainstream media says.

This documentary served the excellent purpose of exploring a problem.  The problem is not just guns in America but, more specifically, gun death in America.  Other topics roped in for the ride include the NRA, the emergence of school shootings, the media, racism, consumerism, and the general culture of fear and violence that surround our fair country.  Outstanding cameos include Marilyn Manson, Charleston Heston, Matt Stone, and this guy with crazy eyes:

I really enjoyed this documentary.  It presented its questions and concerns in a reasonable, intelligent manner, and it made me think.  At no point in time was Michael Moore screaming at his subjects or unnecessarily berating them.  The worst he does is subtly make fun of a few people that seem to have no idea it’s happening.  It left me curious as to why people have such negative things to say about Moore.  Obviously the film industry as a whole respects this documentary, it is on the list, but I’ve heard so many negative comments about the filmmaker.  The only reason I can find from this film is that he makes people uncomfortable by being unafraid to present them with difficult information.  I sort of think that’s what art is meant to do.

The assembly of the movie was also very interesting.  I like the pieced together style that still conforms to tell a clear narrative.  Sure, parts of it were painful to watch, but those parts were historical events in our country, no matter how you paint them.  The only thing I wish was different was the sense of resolution.  The film cuts pretty sharply to its ending.  As a slightly optimistic person, I would have liked to have some sort of solution presented, as many documentaries do.  Something that people could work toward to fix the problem.  At the same time, I realize that there is no clear solution to this problem, and it’s not really Moore’s job to create one.

Four stars overall.

Butt Total: Nary a one.

From the Chair of Super Koala, this is Captain Spazzmataz:

I also really enjoyed this documentary. It was extremely eye opening and informational. I am glad that this movie is on the list, because I do think that at least every American should watch this movie. I was so amazed at some of the facts and statistics that were given, and I had no idea how many more gun deaths we have in the US versus any other country. It was also flabbergasting to watch the president of the NRA just get up and walk out of an interview because he couldn’t properly answer a question. Also, I think it is a horrible idea to give out guns at a bank. Whoever thought up that plan was stupid. All someone would have to do is buy bullets previously, and then hold up the bank. Just plain stupidity.

I too have no idea why everyone hates Moore so much. I was kind of delighted by his work. It was hilarious when he was being sarcastic but the interviewee couldn’t tell, and in a movie with such a heavy subject, it was nice to smile a little. I would gladly watch another one of his documentaries.

4 stars

P.S. After watching this documentary, I was so delighted with Marilyn Manson. I had no idea how intelligent he is, and how insightful he can be.


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