1001 Movies: Natural Born Killers

From the Chair of Super Koala, this is Captain Spazzmataz:

What happened? Why did I have to watch this movie? It was basically as big a waste of time as Taxi Driver if not more.

This movie was pointless. None of it made any sense. I hated it. I even fell asleep at one part. I don’t understand how this movie made the list. It was so weird and twisted and dark. I just don’t even know what to say.

The flashing back and forth between black and white, cartoon and real life, distortion and focus, was so obnoxious that it just made it difficult to watch. Also the fact that there were very few straight on camera angles in the beginning actually made me sort of nauseous. Just about everything about this movie was horrible. Everything was way over the top crazy, and I didn’t like it at all.

1 star

From the Couch of Super Koala:

So many thoughts.

While I definitely can’t say I enjoyed this movie, I didn’t hate it as much as the Spazz.  I do think it’s messed up for anyone to truly enjoy a movie with such dark and daunting subject matter.

Now, much like Taxi Driver, I get this movie.  I get the message and the media hype and the reflection on how society views incredibly graphic violent offenders.  I think anyone could peruse the crime television options in general programming alone and agree.  But, like Taxi Driver, I don’t get it.  The excessive strobe editing just absolutely killed this movie for me.  I totally could have looked over the gore and the excess of the story.  I loved the use of a sitcom to give back story on Mallory.  But all the splicing just made it unlikeable and exhausting to watch.

Two stars.  Though super shout out to Robert Downey Jr. because he was so entertaining.

Butt Total:  None, excluding Tom Sizemore’s creepy man-thong butt.


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