1001 Movies: Patton

From the Chair of Super Koala, this is Captain Spazzmataz:

Most of the war movies that we have watched this month have been really good. This was good as well, but not my favorite. It is really hard to like a movie when the main character is absolutely repulsive. It isn’t even the actor’s fault, I thought he did a really good job, it is just the general attitude of George S. Patton that is really off putting.

I did really enjoy the plot of the movie and how everything unfolded. I thought it was really interesting, and there were lots of things that I didn’t know before that were brought to light. It was kind of nice to see WWII through just one person. When learning about it in school they try to show you the war from every angle, but seeing it focused on just one person was very refreshing.

Over all, I thought the movie was really good, it is just incredibly difficult to enjoy a movie with a sour main character. Every time you thought he was getting better, he just got worse again.

3 stars

From the Couch of Super Koala:

I fell asleep for the middle section of this movie, so this review will probably be scant.

Like the Spazz, I thought the George C. Scott did a wonderful job in the role of the title character.  He almost made Patton likeable, which is definitely saying something.  His performance is basically the sole focus of the entire movie as he’s almost always on screen.

I do wonder about the movie’s reception in the 70s.  While watching, Sparhawk pointed out that it would have came out at the peak of the American-Vietnam conflict.  It makes me curious how people would have received a three hour pro-military movie.

The ultimate downside of this movie is that I fell asleep, so I was obviously missing a certain element of interest.  The 70s have such a specific filming style that I don’t always love, and that was definitely in full effect here.

3 stars.

Butt Total: None to my waking memory.


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