End of Summer To Do List:

Dearest Readers,

The Spazz and I parted for the summer about a little under a week ago, leaving us each with three weeks of remaining summertime.  As everyone should absolutely know, I love lists.  Particularly fun, motivating ones.  I also love peer pressure, so I convinced the Spazz to join me in the creation of a most excellent end of summer list.  We’re each posting our list here, and will make posts to signify the completed events.  Wish us luck!  I, personally, have a lot of cleaning in my future.

Super Koala’s End of Summer List:

1. Catch Up on My 2015 Reading Challenge

2. Do 1,000 squats and 1,000 sit ups

3. Run 50 miles and do 50 total minutes of planks

4. Complete four postcards and wreckings

5. Cook three new meals

6. Plan the first month of my four classes

7. Reorganize my closet and desk

8. Watch five things off my Netflix “List”

9. Repair and organize our office closet

10. Straighten and purge the garage

11. Go to Silver Dollar City

12. Finish Kingdom Hearts I

13. See four movies

14. Write 25 pages

15. Research a run/concert/language learning software

Captain Spazzmataz’s End of Summer List: (Mine is much shorter)

1. Finally take the Jazz Band field trip to the City Museum

2. Read five books to catch up on my reading challenge

3. Memorize the marching show music

4. Complete 1000 Squats

5. Complete 1000 Sit-ups

6. Finnish my LEGO airplane

7. Do all of my summer math packet

8. Complete four postcards and wreckings


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