The Joy Luck Club: Keeping a Steady Schedule (so far)

Captain Spazzmataz Thoughts:

  • P. 43 – Popo’s stories are  weird and gross. Why would you tell these things to a nine year old girl?
  • P. 47 – This family is horrible. How could you tell a little girl that she won’t be mourned for very long if she dies young!?
  • P. 48 – Well that is just disgusting.
  • P. 52 – Man, that must be so disappointing to realize your future husband is a big baby.
  • P. 55 – Well it sounds like it is going to be a lovely marriage if he is just trying to make her cry all of the time.
  • P. 56 – That is a pretty sad description of a good life.
  • P. 58 – She is just amazing to put up with all of the nonsense and still be able to see her true self and be happy.
  • P. 65 – Dang. She is so clever. I like her.

Super Koala Thoughts:

  • p. 42 – that sure is an odd way to show affection.
  • p. 43 – these stories are so gross!
  • p. 44 – someone has family issues.
  • p. 46 – the attitudes toward women in Chinese culture are sometimes so difficult to realize.  This story, which I’m sure could apply to many non-fictional women in China, breaks my heart a little bit.
  • p. 48 – and now, a little cannibalism to deepen the story.
  • p. 49 – Shots fired! Shots fired!
  • p. 51 – It seems so strange to assess a child for marriage at the age of two.  I’m kind of fascinated by the idea of a matchmaker.  How does she make decisions?  What are her determining factors?
  • p. 53 – I’m also generally fascinated by all of the Chinese traditions, the festivals and the name rituals.  And the kind of devotion that inspires such ties and severe characteristics among family members.
  • p. 57 – What an impressive girl.  It’s odd; her situation seems so sad, but it’s basically impossible to pity her because she seems to handle everything with such personal strength.
  • p. 58 – see? It’s impossible to feel pity for her.  She’s so great.
  • p. 65 – So much brilliance!

I am still very much so enjoying the book.  I particularly liked the epistolary style of the third chapter, as though it were both a story and a letter to her daughter.  Each of the characters, so far, have such interesting and unique stories, but I still feel like they represent a larger whole that other real-life women could be apart of.  No complaints, thus far.


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