The Joy Luck Club: Labor Day Reading

Captain Spazzmataz Thoughts:

  • P. 67 – Man, these mothers are so depressing. It is horrible that she doesn’t think she is noticed by anyone. It’s so sad that they have gone though such troubles in their life and now they are so far removed from modern life that they can’t connect with anyone.
  • P. 70 – Wow. Really? “A girl can never ask, only listen.” That is just horrible. How could anyone live like that!?
  • P. 71 – Do her sisters really not have names, or does she just not care to say them?
  • P. 72 – How do they expect a four year old to stand perfectly still and not play?
  • P. 73 – What! They get to take afternoon naps! So jealous.
  • P. 75 – I think that is kind of cruel making a bird get your fish for you.
  • P. 78 – Has nobody on her boat noticed that she is missing!?
  • P. 83 – I don’t really understand what happened in these last few pages. It was really strange, but I am glad that her family did care that she was missing and that they found her again.

Super Koala Thoughts:

  • p. 67 – It’s such a sad beginning, the obvious disconnect between the mothers and daughters.
  • p. 71 – Her sisters don’t get real names?  They’re like the things from the Dr. Seuss book.
  • p. 72 – I’m so curious as to what a mooncake tastes like.  The combination of bean paste and egg yolk doesn’t strike me as something sweet, but they’re always used as a treat in this book.
  • p. 74 – The old ladies hitting each other with fans is a hilarious image.
  • p. 75 – The shrimpies!
  • p. 76 – Using the bird is such a sad yet ingenious way of fishing.
  • p. 78 – What a horrifying event for a little girl! Or anyone.
  • p. 81 – And to think, I thought the yin and yang concept was cool when I was younger.
  • p. 82 – Say whaaaat.

I feel like my comments on this book are fairly boring because I like it so much.  I don’t have any complaints, I just want to keep reading it.


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