1001 Movies: Days of Heaven

From the Couch of Super Koala:

I don’t think this is a movie I needed to see before I died.

I’m sorry pretty, young Richard Gere, but I just don’t.  It was a good movie; I enjoyed it as a whole, but I think I could also have lived quite happily without having seen it.

That being said, while looking up pictures for this movie, I found it described as a “screen poem.”  This, I absolutely adored.  The simplicity of the dialogue but the complexity of the events presented in the film lend so well to this description.  One of the attributes I consistently enjoyed about this movie was that it expected a level of intelligence from the viewer.  It is subtle.

In terms of acting, I particularly enjoyed the young girl.  I love her odd, rough voice as that of the narrator.  I found it very appropriate that the movie began and ended with her perspective, as opposed to one of the characters in central focus.

What I did not need was a close up montage of locusts feasting.  That I could have done without, Days of Heaven.

In all, a solid, well-made film.  It’s just not one I would chose to return to.  Three stars.

From the Bed of Captain Spazzmataz,

I really did enjoy this movie. I thought the lack of dialog was really refreshing. I loved how you could tell what was going to happen next from the music instead of what the characters were saying. However, because of that, some really drastic jumps were made in the plot. I understand that it is something the audience can get and follow along with, but some of the sudden plot advances were just a little too extreme to seem real.

For example, the farm owner all of a sudden loves the girl when they haven’t spoken or been near each other for more than five minutes total. It just doesn’t make much sense. Also, my personal rating of this movie dropped quite a bit when they wouldn’t stop showing all of the bugs. It was just too much. I get it. Please, I don’t need to see them so much.

I was a little confused by the ending as well. It just seemed to stop. Everyone went off on their separate ways and I didn’t really see how it all tied together.

Overall, it was a pretty good film, and I too like that it is called a screen poem.

3 stars


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