1001 Movies: The Producers

From the Bed of Super Koala:

I had many thoughts about The Producers, and I’m not really sure how to process it.  The following is my attempt.

First of all, someone needed to talk to the costuming department.  I just cannot handle Max’s hair.  At all.  What is happening?  Why is it so gross?  This fundamentally improved throughout the movie, particularly with the addition of a hat and/or helmet.  Additionally, why did all the men in make up have to be so scary?  Why did they have to wear so much make up?  I know some men that look absolutely gorgeous with a little cosmetic magic, but all of the made up men in this movie just gave me the heebie jeebs.    Finally, in regards to the costume/make up issue, why did the old women have to look so terrible?  Seriously, all this movie taught me was that old women were so scary looking in the 1960s.  Was there no better lighting they could put on them?  Could no one be a little gentler in this regard?

I’m always astounded that Mel Brooks movies are rated PG, as are the students that watch them in my classes.  This movie was no exception.  The entire opening segment was mildly traumatizing, mildly hilarious.  I wish I had a picture of Sparhawk’s face as it was happening.  But I kind of feel this way about all of the humor in Brooks’ films.  I’m perpetually walking the line between absolutely horrified and absolutely amused.  I suppose that is masterful on his part.  That being said, the Kafka reference in this film is perfect, so A+ for that.

My next question about this film is simple: why are people always yelling?  I think there are a lot of funny moments that end of leaving me irritated because I hate unnecessary yelling.  I know that a little hysterical yelling is kind of Gene Wilder’s thing, but did it have to be everyone’s thing?

Finally, I need to know one last crucial detail.  From watching this film, I picked up on the implication that Leo Bloom is actually the grown version of Linus from Peanuts.  Am I right, or am I right?

3 stars overall.

From the Bed of Captain Spazzmataz,

So, all of the other Mel Brooks movies we have watched so far did not go over very well with me, however I enjoyed this one. It was very unsettling at the beginning and I actually paused it to check the rating about three minutes in. Nonetheless, I found this film amusing whereas the others I just found dumb.

I think Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder worked wonderfully together, and even though they were attempting to pull off a large scale scam, I was rooting for them to succeed. I absolutely loved when Leo had his first major fit of hysteria. I laugh to myself every time I think of the line, “I’m in pain and I’m wet and I’m still hysterical!”

I agree with Super Koala that the costuming and make up was atrocious. But I also think that added to the humor of the characters.

4 stars


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