The Joy Luck Club: Many Weeks Later

Captain Spazzmataz Thoughts:

  • P. 87 – TeeHee. She deserved it.
  • P. 91 – Well that is kind of terrifying. I am glad that we aren’t known for performing the best torture.
  • P. 94 – I feel like it would be extremely frustrating to explain chess to a seven year old.
  • P. 95 – Man, there are a lot of gruesome names for chess tactics.
  • P. 100 – I like the image of the apartment having tiger eyes.

I liked this section. It was more interesting for some reason. I guess because the past few chapters were told from the old ladies’ points of view and this one was from one of the daughters.

Sickly Super Koala Thoughts:

  • p. 87 – These malignant gates sound very intense.  Malignant is just such a great descriptor.
  • p. 89 – Waverly’s mom is obviously a boss.  Also, I kind of love the name Waverly.
  • p. 90 – “Golden teeth” is a sneaky description.  It sounds fancy, but you know its got to be super gross.
  • p. 94 – I can’t even imagine the difficulty of learning chess from an instruction book.  Go those kids.
  • p. 95 – This adorably reminds me of the Pixar chess short.
  • p. 97 – Momma Jong just roasted the brothers! Also, Bobby needs to calm it down.
  • p. 100 – Man, Momma Jong is rough.  I don’t know how I would feel if my parents called me “this girl.”

So far, I really like Waverly’s portion of the story.  The intense place of pressure and pride that she comes from is so different from my own childhood experiences, as I am obviously not a child chess champion.  I’m definitely interested in the progression of this story arc, especially as it continues into their adult lives.


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