ALL the Adventures

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

This weekend has been quite adventurous, excluding today, which was very lazy.  I’ve been pretty excited to post about all the excitement.

So, this week was parent teacher conferences.  That means I had to stay at school until about 8:30, but it wasn’t so bad.  Afterwards, I went to one of the other teacher’s houses to hang out for a little bit, so that was fun bonding times.  Since we were in school for so long, we had Friday off.  I was absolutely awesome, if I do say so myself, and scoured the house.  It looked pretty beautiful.  Sparhawk’s family was in town, and of course we went to Lambert’s for dinner.

Saturday was my true day of adventures, so I chose to make it my sister backpack adventure.  I began by putting adorable bandanas on the pups, and taking them to the pets and pumpkins parade.

IMG_3228 IMG_3234

Nyxie looks a little pitiful in her picture, but I swear she didn’t mind.

The event was fun and cute.  We didn’t stay for the actual parade portion.  I thought that’d be a little stressful for the small one.  But we walked around, looked at the booths, got free stuff, and saw a bunch of adorable dogs in costume.  At one point, we saw five corgis dressed at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  So perfect.  The sister bag served an excellent purpose in collecting all our goodies.

IMG_3230 IMG_3236

Afterwards, I swung by Elle’s for a pumpkin spice macaroon and some other delicious treats.  When we arrived home, the pupups were officially pooped.

IMG_3238 IMG_3237

However!  The adventures did not stop there.  Later that evening, I went with BBKF to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  The bag, of course, came with.


Seeing the show was lots of fun, but the whole thing was entirely ridiculous.  If you’ve never seen the show in theaters, it involves much yelling at the screen and dancing in the aisles.  It’s a blast, but not for the faint of heart.  Maybe we’ll go together in the event that you move to Springfield.  Though I think you have to be 21 to get into the Gillioz showing.  I feel like this was a really solid sister bag adventure.  Also, we don’t have a sister bag category, so I’m fixing this.  We should make a new rule where we have to include the bag adventure in one of our posts.  The only downside to this outing was that I only came away with a paper noisemaker, which doesn’t make a very good bag gift.  I’ll have to see if I can scrounge up something before your visit this weekend.

On to the wreckage!

It will take a while to complete this weekend’s wrecking, but I initiated the beginning steps of composting.

IMG_3241 IMG_3242

We actually have a compost pile in the backyard, so I decided to dress up this little wormie for his slow return to the earth.  Composting takes quite some time to happen, or so I’ve learned.  But the stuff at the bottom of our pile has turned, mostly, to a dirt substance.  If I remember, I’ll take a periodic picture of the compost progression.

IMG_3243 IMG_3244

In case you wanted proof, you can see the little page inside all the muck.  You can also see the Belles, who is always intrigued by the compost pile.

Fate chose my postcard this week.  This page, which I think is the very first one, fell out of the book.  Trying to keep it in there was driving me crazy, so I decided to ship it on off.

IMG_3245 IMG_3246

I had been putting this one off because the trip to the mailbox doesn’t seem particularly enthralling.  I had considered driving somewhere to mail it in a different box, but that probably wouldn’t happen and seems slightly unsafe.  It might not be my favorite, but I’m fairly happy with it.

Anyhow, I hope your Mizzou competition went well!  Is it weird to be done with marching for the year?  Just think, you only have one year of high school marching left.  I hope you guys were pleased with your final performance.  I really enjoyed your bug page from last week.  I hadn’t even realized that was a task.  It’s inspired me to come up with something for that page as well.  Because you were so right when you said that was never, ever going to happen.

This past week I started on the reboot for my book idea.  If I sent you chunks as I finished them, would you read them and give me comments?  I’m not very far at all, but it is a start.  I want to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, but I know I can’t complete 50,000 words in the month of November.  I’m hoping to give myself a preemptive start on the process.  Who knows?  Maybe it will happen.

Annabelle is making her old man noises, so I suppose it is time for bed.  It’s so incredibly precious.  Nyxie and Belles are sitting by me on the couch, and Sparhawk is in the recliner.  Nyx wants very badly to keep an eye on him, but she keeps nodding off in the process.  It’s like a toddler wanting to stay up for their favorite movie, but is just too sleepy.  On that puppy note, I have captured a picture of Nyx and Annabelle splitting one of the beds for you!


They remind me of a little yin-yang.  Cutest yin-yang ever.

That’s all for me.  I look forward to your post on Thursday!  And I’ll see you on Friday!

– Super Koala



Finally Wrecking

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

I would like to sincerely apologize for the lateness of my post.  It has been a stressful, not overwhelmingly delightful weekend that kept me from posting.  I have uploaded many pictures to compensate.

The week started out pretty well.  On Monday(ish) I found a box waiting for me on the front door.  Inside were our hoodies, which are very warm and delightful.  My only concern is their color.  The whiteness seems doomed, especially in the face of a certain pair of wiggly butts.  Perhaps, we should dye them?

IMG_3204 IMG_3205

After arriving home the next day, I found an even bigger box waiting for me.  It took up almost the entire bed.  This one was filled with all the ModCloth treats we picked out.  They all turned out to be excellent.  I was hoping to give them homes this weekend, but I did not have the time.  Surprise.  I’m off work this Friday, so maybe I’ll do some homekeeping then.


(Bonus Nyxie in the picture.)

The week seemed to fly by from there.  The students were doing many stressful things, so they were kept very busy during the day.  At night I found myself rather sleepy.  I spent a lot of time reading.  I finished the book Doll Bones, excellently cute/creepy, and now I’ve started Orange is the New Black, which is consuming my brain.  It’s really interesting to compare it to the TV Show.  Hollywood makes funny choices sometimes.

IMG_3211 IMG_3212 IMG_3222

I tragically did not have time for any fall adventures this weekend, other than watching a softball game with Nyx and Annabelle where the girls basically annihilated the other team, so I made myself feel better with these pumpkin items.  And I didn’t get a kitten, so I figured the least I could to do would be getting pumpkin dog bones.

On to the wreckage!  (I feel like this post is kind of disjointed.  I’m sorry.  I’m terribly sleepy from staying up and grading.)

In honor of the torrential downpour that has been going on for the past four days, I chose this page.


I was listening to Fall Out Boy at the time, so I decided to decorate with some lyrics.  I also thought marker would be prettier than a pen.

IMG_3218  IMG_3220 IMG_3221

However, it totally figures that the rain would turn into mist just as I wanted it for something.  I provided an oddly dark picture to prove that I was, in fact, out in the rain.  If you look very closely, you can see where the rain did make it look a little different.  If it picks back up again, which it probably will, I’ll have to try again.  Like many of my wreckings, it looks cooler in person.

My card this week is top secret, as I chose the create a secret identity option.  I swore I took a before picture of this, but apparently I failed to do so.  I’m telling you, the brain, it leaves me.  To protect the super secret identity, I have provided you instead with a picture of the bottom of the card, which I obviously decorated.  I’ll contact the receiver once the card has reached them to see if they’ll send me a full picture.  That was I don’t ruin the surprise.


I had better ideas for this post, but my poor little brain is too tired to carry them out.  I’m looking forward to this weekend.  On Sunday, my only goal is to do absolutely nothing but curl up with my pupups, read some books, drink tea, and create my post.  Nothing shall stop me.

Looking forward to your post!

– Super Koala

P.S. I’m so impressed by the setup for homecoming.  Sounds way better than when I went to school there.  How did your cute notes go?  Did you get to see people find them?  Do tell!


(Bonus picture of Belles stuck in her homemade felt toy.)

Dear Captain Spazzmataz,

I’m glad you’ve had so many exciting things happen in the past week!  I just got the pictures of your Gordman’s goodies, and they are ridiculously adorable.  I find this positively unfair as no one takes me fall shopping but my wallet.  Also, I’d like to steal the first cardigan particularly.  You should probably just go shopping for me, and then ship the clothing here.  Because our Gordman’s is tragically jankedy, sketch, and not nearly as much fun to shop in.  I’ll be looking for the package in 10-15 business days; you have time.

I’m terribly short on time, so this will be a short post.  The quarter is ending this weekend, so teacher time is in full swing.

For my postcard this week, I also made one to send to Pawpaw Milt.  I was kind of sad that I already used my “this day never again” one, but then I found this sign one hiding at the back.  I thought it was kind of perfect.


It makes me super happy that we could send these postcards for such an exciting thing.  Of course the project in and of itself is fun and exciting, but this is extra special.  Plus Milt is awesome, and he definitely deserves a postcard.

My wreckage this week was slightly foiled but ultimately recovered thanks to my autumnal adventure.  I decided to complete one of the early pages, which asks you to get a napkin from a restaurant, write a secret on said napkin, and glue it to the page.  With this in mind, BBKF, Sparhawk, and I journeyed to Cheddar’s, though they did not know about the covert mission.

My Cheddar’s napkins plans were quickly dashed when I realized one essential flaw in my plan.  Cheddar’s has cloth napkins.  And I am just not one of those people.  I cannot steal a napkin from a restaurant, even if it is for our wreckage.  So, instead, I viewed this as a wonderful reason to go to Starbucks, and wrote my secret on one of their spancy eco-napkins.


The world will never know what it says.  Unless the glue stick comes undone, which is slightly likely because it was a very unreliable glue stick.


So, I wanted to continue on my fall outings, but I found this difficult because I had a lot of stuff to do this weekend.  So I decided to treat myself to some fall treats (tehe).  I decided to go with a pumpkin and apple theme, while simultaneously remaining thrifty.  Otherwise I could have gone pumpkin apple CRAZY.

IMG_3159 IMG_3201 IMG_3197

Friday was a pumpkin pie concrete from Andy’s.  Saturday was an apple cider float from Elle’s.  On Sunday, I brought back the ole stand by, the pumpkin spice latte.  I also scooped up some pumpkin apple tea from Teavana, not pictured above.

With that, I’m going to have to leave you.  Sorry this post was delayed, and then semi-rushed.  As I write this, Annabelle and Nyx are curled up on my feet under my desk.  It’s rather adorable.  Since you can’t experience the adorable, I’ll leave you with this fairly precious picture of Nyxie on her way home from the dog park.


Love!  Can’t wait for your post.

– Super Koala

Also Wrecking on Time!

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

Today’s post will be twofold.  While it will include some essential wreckage, I’m also going to delve into the world of my first official fall adventure.

First, the fall!  Last week, whilst celebrating our fourth anniversary, Sparhawk and I came up with an excellent idea.  There’s a south location for the Aviary Creperie, something I did not know about, that also hosts a huge and delightful Thursday/Saturday farmer’s market.  Thus it was decided that we would attend said farmer’s market and then finish up our grocery shopping with potentially delicious breakfast crepes.  And it’s all outside, so the girlies could come with us.

Best.  Idea.  Ever.

Our food was so absurdly delicious that I, per the usual, forgot to take a picture of it.  I didn’t remember until I was half way done with it, but it was so good.  I’ve decided we must do this together some time when you visit.  Because I’m very skeptical that you would like all the stuff in the dinner crepes, but you must experience the delicious.


Miss Nyxen was very intrigued by the breakfast.  (Isn’t this picture of her ridiculously cute?)  Annabelle didn’t feel like being photographed at the time.  Neither did Sparhawk, particularly.

IMG_3107 IMG_3110

This also gave us a good opportunity to socialize the girls.  This farmer’s market is huge, way bigger than the one we went to during the summer.  They also have cooler stuff.  Nyx didn’t do well at first, but she warmed up a little over time.  I feel like doing this more often might help get her more used to people.


Once at home, I kind of did a whole lot of nothing today.  I had all these great plans initially, but I was far too comfy to carry them out.  So today’s wreckage is brought to you by my window/television, my position on the couch, and the moon.


It took longer than I’d like to admit to figure out what moon phase we were in.  Since I was in the living room, the thing to my right was my window and TV combo.  Which brings you this absolutely astounding work of art, along with a side view to judge for any potential, though absent, accuracy. Also Annabelle giving me the face.

IMG_3112  IMG_3114

For my postcard, I decided to send one to my dear friend Travis, who lives in Saint Charles.  I was supposed to hang out with Travis last weekend, but I failed to do so thanks to the deep slumber result of tattoo time.  Hopefully, this will help him forgive me.

IMG_3115 IMG_3116

I’m so proud of us for keeping up with our postcards.  EVEN IF I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE MINE FROM A CERTAIN SOMEONE.  I found your postcard for Shannon to be exceptionally amusing.  Maybe I will give a similar one to Sparhawk.  I absolutely adore your haircut.  It looks very cute in the pictures.  I have an appointment scheduled for the 27th, so Mother should be happy about that.  (Hi, Mom!  If you’re reading.)

The gorgeous weather has fully activated my laziness needs.  This is no good because I have many things to grade before midterms are due on Monday morning.  Yay midterms!  It has also fully activated my candle mode.  Right now the room smells like “Sparkling Cinnamon,” which is nice because it previously smelled like mouse cage shavings.  Definitely an improvement.  I need to buy a long handled lighter.  I’ve burnt a few of mine down too far to light anymore with my little green one.  Now that it’s fall, I feel like there are many things I need to buy.  The foremost of these is certainly slipper socks with traction.  I wore my regular ones last night and almost fell down.  Often.  Hardwood struggles.

Well, I must be off.  The girls and I are attending some late night games with Corbin, Lauren, BBKF, and Gabe.  Sparhawk might join if he ever gets off work.  I hope your competition went well!  Tell me about it soon.


Super Koala

P.S. I’ve added a new category for my fall reports.