2014: A Haphazard Reflection

In the following post I, Super Koala, will attempt to reflect upon the year 2014.  I’ve never done a reflection type post like this, and I tend to forget relatively important details, so we’ll see how my portion of this works.  Captain Spazzmataz will be posting below me.

Super Koala’s 2014

January: I came to the very important and impacting realization that I was going to purchase a house.  January launched a month of house hunting, scouring areas of Springfield I didn’t even know existed, and important life conversations.  I also started my second semester teaching, a little smarter and wiser than I was at the beginning of the school year.

February: With the guidance of my rad parents, I closed on THE house, making me an almost official homeowner.  I road in a wheelbarrow at my job, and realized I needed to find more hobbies in the face of tremendous snow days.  Sparhawk bought me an infinity ring for Valentine’s Day, an adorable trinket I’d semi-secretly lusted after for easily a year.  It was a tremendous victory; I wear it nearly every day.

March: I experienced my first paid Spring Break, which we got to keep even with tremendous snow days.  Spazzmataz and I actually adventured outside during the break, and we officially began this excellent little blog.  I realized what it meant to put on a play, thus gaining tremendous respect for all who endeavor to do so professionally.  Seriously.  Go you.

April: During one very perfect weekend that included my sister and father in Springfield, my first 5k, and an AllTimeLow concert, I turned 23.  I fell in fascination with John and Hank Green, the most delightful siblings I can think of excluding the Spazz and myself.  Sparhawk performed his senior recital; I was so impressed.  I chopped off all my hair, received the keys to my house, ate a first meal of Sonic in the house with my Spirit Dog, and we officially completed the play.  It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.  Secretly the best.

May: After months of anticipation, Sparhawk and I moved into the house.  I did terrible and wonderful things like pick out furniture.  I finished my first year of teaching and attended my first graduation as a teacher.  I understood why my job is so fantastic, and settled in for my first teacher summer.  PapaBird came to town for a week and a half and made my house essentially perfect while we went on many Springfield adventures.

June: I did not go to Hawaii.  This was obviously an utter tragedy.  However, I did spend a week in St. Louis with just my mother and my dog.  I unpacked my entire life’s worth of belongings.  At the end of the month, we adopted a new furry child.  Insanity and hilarity have ensued ever since.

July: Turns out, owning a house means lots of random people ring your doorbell and want things from you that you don’t want to give them.  In response, I semi-stopped opening the door.  Whoops.  The Spazzmataz’s monthly visit to Springfield came to a sad ending.  Not that anything sad happened, other than her departure.  Annabelle saved us from a potentially sketchy guest, making her the best puppy ever.  Baby Nyx decided to love me but to continue hating Sparhawk.  I risked my life Ziplining, but rollercoasters made me feel better.

August: The new school year started, and Sparhawk began his student teaching.  BooBoo joined Spazz and I at the wonderful YMCA bookfair where many books were purchased.  An excessive amount of used books was not enough.  Spazzmataz and I had to go to Barnes and Noble to find the materials that would launch our postcard and wrecking project.  5 o’clock in the morning became my regular acquaintance, causing many theoretical tears.

September: Settling into the swing of the new school year took some adjustment.  But my group of Spawn Boys, as I shall always remember them, quickly formed.  The weather was beautiful, hours were spent at the dogpark, and the pumpkin items that delight my soul came out to play.  Sparhawk and I spent the most perfect morning I can think of, at the farmer’s market with the pups followed by breakfast at the Aviary.  I remembered that it’s important to socialize, even if I just want to introvert it up on a daily basis.

October: By complete random happenstance, I saw a simultaneous blood moon and a lunar eclipse.  5 AM seemed a little less scary afterwards.  For some unknown reason, I got really into high school softball.  The craze has faded.  Spazz and I ran our third 5k, and got fancy medals for our performance.  I discovered the most exquisite of events, the Pets and Pumpkins Parade, and many very missed friends came back into town for Homecoming.

November: Time began to fly at school.  Everything that seemed hard to manage got easier.  I got to be a speech coach again, and my students did a really excellent job.  I got all nostalgic and got to reunite with a college friend/fellow coach.  I got back into writing but quickly fell out of it again.  Sadness.  Nyxie frolicked in the snow for the first time, and I began to covertly feed Izzie treats.  This makes me feel like I’m interacting with my neighbors, which doesn’t make any sense.

December: The last days of the semester flew by at an alarming rate, and rapidly closed another period of time in my crazy career.  I feel like I learned a lot in the fall semester, and I want to remember to apply all that I’ve learned in the spring.  I set goals for myself that I want to meet, if not exceed.  I spent some very excellent Silver Dollar City time with a very excellent boy, reminding me why I appreciate him so much.  I purchased tickets to see the love of my life (Bo Burnham) live.  Finally, the puppy girls and I headed forth to St. Louis, where we had much needed family time, landing me right here on the bed in the basement where I now type.

What up, 2015?

Captain Spazzmataz’s 2014

January: January marked the beginning of a second semester that started almost an entire week late because of massive amounts of snow. It was also the time that I decided that I was going to run a marathon by the time I graduated College, and thus began the great race of a lifetime.

February: I cannot remember a thing from February, so I guess it was a waste of a month.

March: The thing that is The Adventures of Super Koala And Captain Spazzmataz came to life. Also a very snowy Spring Break.

April: I turned 16 and got my drivers license, attended my first ever concert, and completed my first ever 5K.

May: I finally finished school on the last day of the month and got a major hair cut.

June: I took an amazing trip to Hawaii with the great Oakville Marching Band. It will probably be the band trip to beat from here on out. I also spent the first half of time with Super Koala in Springfield, and I had to  choke down parts of The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

July: My time with Super Koala ended, but over the course of it, she got a new dog, and we went on many adventures including a second 5K. Band camp started and I got awesomely horrible tan lines that are still visible in some place.

August: The new school year started and so did my grueling practice for All Suburban auditions (even though they weren’t until November).

September: The competitions for marching season began, and we really sucked, but we kept keppin on. This month also started my great semester of procrastination.

October: I completed my third 5K and visited my first possible college. The marching season came to an end with a fantastic win.

November: I made All Suburban band! Also, the school year started to come to a close, and I could feel the pressure to get all A’s. I also got my braces off!

December: The last days of school flew by, and I wasn’t even stressed by the time finals week rolled around. I finished the semester with all A’s, and I finished the year with my sister. It was the first time that I have ever made resolutions and drank sparkling grape juice.

I am terribly sorry that I don’t have more to reflect on, but it seems as though my memory is worse than Super Koala’s. Hopefully next year I will be able to remember more.


Wreckage, Though a Day Late


Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

My sincerest apologies for being late on my post.  As I mentioned via text, after my tattoo appointment, I wasn’t feeling really good.  I basically scooped up the puppies, who were oh, so very adorable, and went to bed.  After drinking lots of delicious Powerade.

This week was kind of rough, even though it was only four days.  For some reason, the kiddos were not being very polite, which results in problems for me.  Thus, cranky teacher was unleashed.  That being said, we’re almost to our first midterm.  Which means I’m almost one-eighth done with this school year!  Time is moving quickly.

(There’s a lot of singing in How I Met Your Mother this season.)

On Friday, I took the girlies on the best dog park day ever!  Nyxie actually played with other dogs.  But, I’ve realized I have to take her on the small dog side for her to enjoy herself.  So, even if there’s no one over there, that’s the side for us.  Since I knew I was going to do a whole lot of nothing yesterday, I was productive after the park.  Then the most miraculous thing happened, the weather turned terrific.  This means I can indulge in pumpkin needs, finally!  As long as it stays this way, of course.  But for real, the girls and I are so lazy and happy right now.  It’s basically paradise.

To answer your question, we typically put the show on during band camp as quick as possible.  And then ran the whole thing semi-often to build up endurance.  I’m sorry your days were so busy.  You know, they say Junior year is the hardest one.  Hopefully you can get through all of this, and it’ll be smooth sailing afterwards.  Just as you deserve.  As you know, if you ever need to actually understand math, you can always call Sparhawk for help.

On to the wreckage!

My postcard this week was more fun than I thought it was going to be after I made it fancy.  This one is my second farthest traveler as it will be going all the way to Arizona to see Philip.  I don’t know if you can read the front, but I think it turned out pretty okay.

IMG_3081 IMG_3082

Luckily, post moving, I am surrounded by streets.  This made this week’s wreckage pretty easy.


I decided to go out of order because I didn’t have the necessary supplies for the first one.  I’ve realized I’m going to have to prepare for wreckage a little more so that I can actually complete the weekly challenges.

(There’s also a lot of bizarre famous people that come up in this season.)

Anyhow, I once again apologize for being late.  I hope you have fun babysitting!

– Super Koala

Wrecking all the Days

Dearest Super Koala,

I know that my post is a day late, but I had a stupendous amount of homework to do, and I didn’t finish until 10:30. By that time I was very sleepy and in no mood to make a post. Before I get to my wreaking, I shall tell you about my week. Of course Monday was very sad because I had to leave you. I didn’t do much for the rest of that day, But on Tuesday and Wednesday, my time was packed to the brim. On Tuesday, I didn’t have much homework, but I did have rehearsal that night. As of today, we only have four more rehearsals and a football game until our first competition! Yikes! It makes me kind of nervous because we haven’t touched the end of the show since band camp. How far did you normally get during band camp? Did you ever finish the show with days left to work on it?

Anyway, then on Wednesday, I had pounds of homework. Literally pounds because I had to do work from every textbook that I have. I had that annoying interact math stuff to do for math homework which took about an hour. Then I had to read two essays out of my Language book and make a meal log of the past three days and write a reflection over it for English. And finally, I had this insanely long  history flow chart to make. He said that he was giving us a fun project, but it took over two hours to completely finish. I also had guitar lessons and we went out to Frailey’s for dinner. It was such a busy day.

During history today, everyone turned in there flow charts, and then he said that we didn’t actually have to color them! That took an extra half an hour and he said that we had to the class before. I was very frustrated, but that was quickly levitated because we watched two crash course videos, and my friend that sits behind me drew funny pictures all class. Today we had ANP rehearsal for band, and Brakefield lost track of time and didn’t let us out until four minutes until the bell was supposed to ring! Some people weren’t even inside by the time the bell rang. Luckily I didn’t have to change my shirt because it was white so you couldn’t see any sweat stains. Otherwise I would have been late to 7th block. It was very stressful. Then, in 7th block I had to take a vocabulary quiz and do a timed writing. I only spelled one word wrong, so that’s a plus! And I finished my essay 20 minutes before class was over and we had until the end to finish it, so I got to spend most of my time checking it to make sure it was good. Lastly I had math. At my table, which has three other people sitting at it, there is a running tally to see how many times our teacher says. “gain a deeper understanding of the math,” each class. Last class it was seven total, but this class it was seven just within the first fifteen minutes. I don’t know why, but every time he says it I cringe a little.

Well, that is all for this week, so it is time for the wrecking!

My journal page was pretty fun, but not as difficult as I thought it was going to be.

Before wreckage

Before wreckage

I had to draw lines while in motion, so I decided to do mine on the bus ride home.

Prof of following directions (me on the bus)

Prof of following directions (me on the bus)

The end result looks pretty good, so that is why I put the prof picture in.

After wreckage

After wreckage

For my postcard, I picked the chain letter one, and decided to send it to Aunt Debby.


I won’t include the picture of the finished product because 1) it includes my location and 2) it isn’t technically finished yet because there isn’t a chain.

That’s all for this post. I look forward to your post whenever you decide to make it!

– Captain Spazzmataz

Twentieth Day of Silence

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

Annabelle just did the absolute cutest thing.  I discovered early today that Nyx doesn’t like Minties.  Though she does like Greenies.  This discovery came to fruition when I placed a Minty in Nyx’s bed and it remained uneaten for the rest of the day.  Just as I settled into type my post, Belles came into the room to my side with the little Minty bone poking out of her mouth and the cutest, “Mom, can I have this?” look on her face.  I tried to take a picture, but it’s too dark.  Needless to say, I let her have it.  It was so polite of her to ask.

It’s been another crazy night here at Club Koala, and by crazy I mean that it’s 9:45, and I’m already completely ready for bed.  I’ve brewed myself some sleepy time tea and set up some teaching materials/books by the bed, so that I can encourage a responsible bed time.  Starting tomorrow, I should really be in bed around 9 something so that I can wake up by 4 something.  Sparhawk is out of town tonight; he went to DCI finals in Indianapolis.  This just leaves me, the critters, and cozy evening.  It’s a pretty ideal Saturday night to me.

Last night was also pretty momentous.  Sparhawk had a Friday night off for the first time in a very long time.  Maybe over a year.  We thought about going out, but decided that it would be really fun to spend a night hanging out just the two of us, and actually doing things together instead of just doing separate things in a close space.  It was a lot of fun and a nice way to help end my summer.

I’m happy you had a fun time with all your water shenanigans, band camp included.  Do you not have night practices this coming week?  If you don’t, I’m super jealous.  Band camp has gotten way cooler it seems.  That’s awesome that you’ve got the show completely set, even with all the shortened outside rehearsals.  I’m exciting to see it!  I guess I’ll officially have to pick a competition this weekend.  I also think you’ll really like Creative Writing and Foods.  You already like to cook and sort of like to write, yeah?  Maybe it’ll even help your spelling.  (Tehe.)  You can absorb all the delicious recipes of foods and then make them for me when I see you.  Speaking of, I feel like there was something delicious you were supposed to make for my next visit, but I can’t remember what it was.

Doing a timed run makes me nervous.  What if we don’t finish on time.  It’s only a 5k, so I feel like the time might be relatively competitive.  But it’d be really cool to get a finisher’s medal.  Gah.  The pressure.  We’ll have to discuss.  Also, my FitBit charger finally, finally shipped today, so I’ll be among the steppers again soon.

Excited to see you in less than a week!

– Super Koala


Seventeenth Day of Silence

Dearest Super Koala,

Yesterday I woke up to pouring rain. That meant a morning inside at band camp and a really muggy afternoon. After lunch we had a completely silent rehearsal, and we cleaned part one of our show which is sets 1-26. It was very productive and pretty amazing to see what we could do when we were at our absolute best. However, I did get pretty red in my facial area, and tomorrow is picture day, so…whoops! Today was equally as humid. It was pretty gross, and by the end of the day I was so hot that I poured water onto my head. It felt great. We are almost done with the show; there are only about ten more pictures to set on the field. I am really excited about it. If we can pull it off, it will be a super sweet show. I am excited for you to see it. As for your questions about Monday, it was supposed to be senior schedule pick-up day, but Brakefield told everyone to go on Thursday when the Freshman had to go, however many seniors (including half of the section leaders) didn’t follow those directions and went on Monday anyway. There were also lots of sport things going on that day.

Today after dinner, there was super scary rain. All of a sudden, there was super heavy winds, and Dad and I even held up one of the sunroom walls because he thought it was going to blow in if it didn’t have more support. Then there was sideways rain, and then it kind of flipped to being the other way sideways. It was really weird. The gutter made its own little mini rapids on the slope that leads from the driveway to the grass. After the scary rain stopped and it was just normal rain again, Mom and I played a game of air-hockey. Unfortunately, I smashed my pinky against the side of the table, and it still hurts. It is making it very difficult to type any upper case letters or the letter p. I hope the pain goes away soon.

Well, that was my past two days. Looking forward to your post tomorrow.

-Captain Spazzmataz

P.S. If you don’t beat SpongeBob by the time you have to come home, you may keep the gamecube until you do. Your welcome.

Sixteenth Day of Silence

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

I really can’t be too mad you forgot.  Now I get a present, and there was a post waiting for me when I woke up.  Though I was sad last night.  I almost fell into the same trap this evening.  I slightly dozed off while watching Netflix with the girls.  It was cute though.  Annabelle was curled up on my side while Nyx was curled into a ball on my chest/stomach.  All the puppy love.  I’ll have to send you more snapchats.  Today we went to the dog park, and it was so perfect.  Nyx gets overwhelmed very easily; unfortunately, she gets a little snappy when she’s scared.  We’ve had some dog park struggles going at busy times.  But today there were only three dogs there.  They were all around her size, and two of them were beagles, meaning they were high energy enough that Annabelle could play but not intimidating to Nyx.  We had a blast.  After we came home, the girls legitimately slept all day except for when I made them go outside.

Kevin’s party sounds fun!  I saw a picture of the cake on FaceBook.  So much dedication.  Carla is fun to hang out with.  She plays games, which is always a plus.  Why were there no people at band camp?  Where did they possibly all go?  Did the stage a coup and all walk out?  That would be so silly.  From your posts, band camp doesn’t sound too bad this year.

Yesterday Sparhawk took me out on a real date.  We did the three course dinner specials from 417 Magazine at Farmer’s Gastropub.  It was so incredibly delicious.  Like out of this world delicious.  If you liked more big kid food, I’d totally swoop into St. Louis and steal you so you could experience the delicious.  Plus it was really cute because we haven’t been on a date in a really long time.  I also went to hot yoga yesterday, despite the fact that I’m still terrible at yoga.  I need to be more dedicated to playing GameCube.  I’ve almost beat Luigi’s Mansion, but I still have all of SpongeBob!  I don’t think I’ll be able to finish before it’s time to return the almighty Cube.

Sorry this post is kind of short.  Not too many momentous things have happened, though I feel the past 48 hours have been pretty good.  Tacos tonight were delicious as always.  For some reason they randomly brought Sparhawk a free fancy Mexican beer.  I have no idea why.  Tomorrow I have a hair appointment to get all the rest of the blue out.  I kind of want to get it trimmed and get it nice and short again while I’m there, but I cannot decide.  I haven’t gotten to the phase where I miss my long hair yet, but it could be approaching.

Look forward to reading from you!

– Super Koala

Fifteenth Day of Silence

Dearest Super Koala,

I am so sorry that I forgot to post last night. I was extra sleepy and went to bed early, so I kind of forgot about it. However, I am attempting to get my post in before I go to band camp, so here goes. It might be a little shorter.

I really miss the girls! I want to play with them so badly. And I really want to see Scuttle up close. I’d like to see what he actually looks like. Whenever I get a snapchat of Annabelle or Nyx, I just stand there making googly eyes at my phone. They are so cute, and I just don’t know how to deal with it right now.

I do like my slides! I have always wanted a pair, but Mom never let me get any before. She always said that they looked funny and that I would never wear them. But, they are pretty great and I have already worn them twice.

On Sunday, we went to Kevin’s surprise 30th birthday party at Carla’s house. It was pretty adorable and he was surprised. Remember when Tamar made that delicious cheesecake? Well the guy that she got the recipe from was there and he made the birthday cake! It was delicious and all made from scratch. He even made about thirty lego bricks out of chocolate to decorate the cake with. I should probably mention that everything was lego themed. Anyway, it was super fun and I wish we could hang out with Carla more often. She is so nice and awesome.

Yesterday, I of course went to Band Camp. However, 32 people decided not to. Mr. P was really cranky, so we did some drill downs to make everyone who didn’t show up jealous. It was really fun, and entertaining. Well, that was really the only exciting thing that happened on Monday; the rest was pretty routine.

Well, I did it. I got my post in before I had to leave! And I guess this means that you will be getting a present when you come and visit.

I look forward to your post tonight.

– C.S.