Ultimate Sister Weekend

Dearest Readers,

This weekend the Super Koala and I had the house to ourselves because our parentals are in Cancun. They are super butt faces because the high temperatures here are about 60, and they are laying out on a beach right now, but at least we had an entire weekend of doing exactly what we wanted with no nagging.

Our super sister weekend started on Friday with Super Koala arriving in town very early because neither of us had school that day. We had decided to take a spontaneous trip to The Melting Pot other than our usual Christmas time visit, but our reservations weren’t until 9, so we went to the movies first.

Normally when we go to the movies we get kiddy combos as our snack of choice. This time they had extra special Peanuts Movie buckets for only 50 cents more. Of course we had to get them, and it was a really great idea because it was double the popcorn for only 50 cents!


Our movie of choice was Crimson Peak because Tom Hiddleston. He is so wonderful even if I hate scary/suspenseful movies. I did enjoy the movie, especially after the wonderful turn of events that was revealed in the last 30 seconds that made everything better.

When it was finally time for dinner, we gladly stuffed ourselves to the point of no return.

IMG_1120 IMG_1122 IMG_1121

Whenever we go to the Melting Pot, we get the four course meal and it is always so delicious. For the cheese, we got the spinach artichoke dip which came with apples, bread, chips, and assorted vegetables to dip with.


This was the first time we had tried this cheese, and it was so good. Especially with the bread and chips. The next course was salad. We both got the caeser salad which contains the most delicious parmesan encrusted pine nuts ever, but we forgot to take a picture of this portion. For the main entree, I got the steak lovers platter, which contained three types of steak, and Super Koala got the vegetarian platter. Hers had so many types of vegetables, that she was not able to finish it all.


Finally came the dessert fondu. They had a special 40th anniversary dessert that consisted of white chocolate fondu with a molten lava cake on top. It. Was. Amazing.


After almost three hours and not being able to move much anymore, we headed home for bedtime because our Saturday adventures took place at my band competition.

This was a local competition at Seckman High School. Our band was one of the biggest there, which is uncommon, and we took first in our division in prelims, and then took first overall in finals.

IMG_1141 IMG_1143 IMG_1142

During the day it warmed up okay, even enough for Super Koala and I to share a sno-cone,


but once the sun started to go down, the temperature plumeted and we were very cold for the rest of the night. We came home, but not before a trip to QT for hot chocolate and taquitos, and cuddled in bed while watching Scrubs on Netflix.

Today we made a trip to Barnes and Noble to pick out a new sister project to do. After looking around for about an hour, we decided on, Rip it! Write it! Draw it! It is a book very similar to Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal, but it is something new with different activities in it.


We will now get back into regular weekly posting with my posts on Fridays and Super Koala’s on Mondays. Every week we will be completing two pages of the book, and this time we are going to do them in order.

That is all we have for now, thanks for reading!

– The Sisters Ravens


Sort of Lazy Wrecking (sorry)

Dearest Super Koala,

I have some very exciting news to report today because you did not call. Today, Mr. B and P showed us what our show is going to be next year! I am super excited. It will be so cool (if we can pull it off). The title is Band Together, and it has an anti-bullying theme. This is the first year that will will have popular songs in our show. It is going to open with just some cords with voice over of bullying statistics. Then it will break into Same Love by Macklemore. Then the sort of feud section will include Bring Me to Life by Evanescence. After that is Beautiful by Christina Aguilera, and it closes out with Same Love again. The most exciting part is that I get to be Xtina!!! The soprano sax solo is the melody to Beautiful. I am so excited.

Now on to my Wrecking. I am sorry that it is kind of lackluster. I really ran out of steam when preparing my wrecking because it is so hot in our house. Also, I am missing one journal page because I had a plan, but then it turned out that I didn’t have all of the materials to do it. Whops. Furthermore, I was super prepared to do all of my wrecking outside of the house, but then I sort of forgot about it, and so I once again had to think of something quick to come up with.

For my journal page this week, I did a create your own. I really love playing with the different stitch settings on my sewing machine, so I made the challenge to sew the page. Tragically, it didn’t really turn out the way I wanted. Also, I should have used darker thread. I wanted to make a pretty design, but you can really turn the page when the machine is working out the super complicated stitches.


Also, they got a little sloppy because I accidentally had the width set too small for some of the stitches.

For my postcards, I did the hand map and the time machine. For my had map I learned from your mistake and only did my fingers, however, I accidentally did my left had which doesn’t get used nearly as much as my right. I sat looking at my had for about 20 minutes trying to think of what else I do with it, but I couldn’t think of anything (once again because of the heat). So, this postcard will be a work in progress.


As you can see, my fingertips get used quite a lot, but the rest of my fingers not so much.

My second postcard is a little better.


I wrote about my Hawaii trip and how amazing it was, and how I really want to go back. The bad part about this one is that I tried to draw Hawaiian flowers, but they didn’t turn out so well. I wanted ones that look like they came off of a Hawaiin shirt, so I looked up a picture, but I couldn’t get the shape right. Also, in both attempts, I could not get five petals to fit. Now they just sort of look like the flowers in the sky on Spongebob.

I am sorry for my not too great wrecking, and I promise to try harder next week. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

– Captain Spazzmataz

P.S. Would you be willing to paint my nails tomorrow?

Wrecking to the Max

Dearest Super Koala,

I did it! I officially was able to complete two postcards and two journal pages. I was not anticipating the time that it was going to take me to complete them, but I did it. For my first postcard, I did the one where you write a secrete and then destroy it. After I had already written my secrete I realized that I didn’t take a before picture, but you have done it before, so I figured it would be okay. While I was thinking of how to expertly destroy it, I came up with the great idea of making it into confetti. So, I hole punched the entire thing. It took about 25 minutes to complete, and afterwards my hand was very sore that it hurt to squeeze anything.


This was my lovely pile of confetti, and I don’t think any would ever be able to put it back together again. I think it is literally in a thousand pieces. For my second one, I decided on a magical power.


Of course I picked teleportation because we have only been talking about it forever. My first journal page I kind of fudged the rules a little.


I tried to do this one this week, but as I was looking around for circles, I realized that it was much harder than I thought it would be, so instead I drew a lovely picture of only circles. I will say that I found the circles in my mind, and then I will have followed the rules. My second one isn’t as pretty.


I decided that I would do this one, so I smeared the picture in the snow on the back porch. I guess I used too good of a pen because it didn’t smear that well. Whoops.


This past weekend, as you know, was spent with the little kids and by the time I got home on Sunday all I did was sit in my room and read and watch my two episodes of Netflix. It was stressful. Saturday at the City Museum was fun, but after awhile it just got tiring. Monday night we had our Winter Concert at school. It went really well especially considering how it was looking a week leading up to the event. It was also pretty packed the entire bottom bleachers were full and the top was 3/4 full, so I would say that it was a really good night. Afterwards a group of us went out for ice cream in our tuxes and it was pretty funny. On Tuesday I signed up for the classes I want to take next year. I am really excited, and it is funny to see how the classes I thought I was going to take a month ago are completely different from what I signed up for. Wednesday we actually played music in jazz band because there was a guy at the school seeing if we could be a school of character, so Brakefield wanted us to look good in case he came in. He didn’t, but we still had fun playing. We played a song called On Green Dolphin Street, and Burritos to Go. The latter was my favorite. It made me want to get up and dance. Today there was a two hour early release at school, so I have had lots of time to get my homework and posting done. It has been a nice relaxing day. I guess that is all I have for you. Can’t wait to hear from you on Sunday.

-Captain Spazz

P.S. We didn’t read on Sunday!

Wrecking Half Way

Dearest Super Koala,

So, I just now was able to read your post from this week, and upon reading it I realized that I totally forgot about doing two wreckings this week, so there will only be one. I understand if you don’t want to do two on Sunday, but I will definitely start next week. You are welcome to start, but only if you want to.

For my journal page, I also did the documentation of time in a new environment, however my environment wasn’t exactly new. I documented passing time in our ANP rehearsal on Wednesday, but because I had to be kind of sneaky about it, I wasn’t able to make it nearly as pretty as yours.


Now I feel very inadequate compared to your page.

For my postcard I did the secrete identity. I wrote out all of the criteria that were listed on the front. Then because the identity is secrete, I covered it all up with a super gigantic sharpie. I can still smell it even though I put the cap back on about 10 minutes ago. Even with all of my efforts, you could still see what I wrote if you looked really close, so then I scribbled over it with a smaller sharpie. What I wrote is still slightly legible, but you would have to work really hard to see it.


This past week was pretty fun, except for the fact that today feels like a Friday and it is only Thursday. Tuesday Molly and I built a secrete fortress on the stage in the middle of all of the junk during jazz band. It was really fun, and no one could find us for a long time. We went to check on it today, and it was still how we left it. Also today, our biology tests were passed back to us and I got a 100%! The guy that sits next to me was so amazed and was like, “Wow, I am no longer the smartest kid in class.” I had to break it to him that he wasn’t ever the smartest kid in class because I had a higher percentage than he did at the end of last semester. Anyway, Tanner’s birthday party was on Saturday, and he was really adorable. Winter and I made a makeshift volleyball net and played with a partially deflated balloon. It was really fun. I guess it’s because we don’t see her much, but I had no idea how crazy and weird she is. This week I have read two books, and I am starting my third today, so I would say I have been pretty productive. Mom said that we could come down on the four day weekend. She doesn’t have Friday off, so she said that she would be willing to take a half day, but if she gets too busy, I might have to try to convince dad to let me come down by myself. I guess that is all I have for this week. We really need to stop talking on the phone so much. I always tell you all of the exciting things, and then I have nothing to say on here.

– C.S.

Sickly Wrecking

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

I hope the remainder of your first week back went well.  Mine was only okay.  I have one class that forgot how to be functioning people, and they’re right in the middle of the day.  Because of this, they kind of put a damper on my general feelings about the school day as a whole.  It’s lame, but I’m hoping it’ll improve.  And if not, I’ll just have to keep in mind the fact that my other classes have been going really well.  Drama started up again, and it’s been a lot of fun.  Right now we’re just doing a lot of team building activities, but they show a lot of promise.  And the class is full, which means I can actually be selective about my actors this year.  Hooray!

Thanks to my illness, my weekend has been rather uneventful.  It started out good.  On Friday, I got tasty sushi with my little and then went around doing a kind act.  After sushi, Little and I went to Hurts, where on impulse I bought a half dozen glazed donuts just to deliver to other people.  Five of them went to Imo’s, where Sparhawk and company were working, and one went to BBKF, who was having a bad day.  I hung out with her at the family video until her shift ended, and then she came over to my house.  We were supposed to watch a movie, but the illness struck.  I ended up falling asleep, which is what I did for most of my weekend.  Yesterday, I slept at least fifteen hours.  And I still went to sleep in a timely fashion once Sparhawk got back from work.

When I was awake, good things happened.  I got a haircut, which I love.  The back is all nice and layered and not mulletish at all now.  Afterwards I went to Imo’s to nom on some delicious lunch items, and then hurried back to take the girlies to the dog park.  As you recall, they did pretty well.  Nyx still hates dogs that are notably larger than her.  Which is most dogs.  But oh well.  After that, I swung by the library to pick up some books and my new/old items.  I’ve currently read four books in 2015!  And then I abruptly went to sleep.  I know I haven’t been feeling well because I’ve eaten very little all weekend.  You know that’s not normally my life.

Despite illness, I still have my wrecking completed!  It was by goal to get them done in a timely fashion.  Tonight I’m going with BBKF to see the Hobbit and have dinner, whether I feel up to it or not.  I’ve already canceled once, so I promised myself the only way I wouldn’t be going was if I had a fever or was throwing up.  Fortunately neither have happened.

Anyhow, my tasks this week were pretty simple.

For my post card I had to collect fruit stickers.  I actually worked on this one all week, pealing a sticker off my daily fruit whenever possible.  Unfortunately, we only have apples and bananas right now, as not much else is in season and delicious.  But I still managed to cover the card fairly well.


For my wreckage, I completed one you have done before and made this nice little message for Sparhawk.


It will be really easy to put it in his pockets.  I’ve decided I’m going to put it in a pair of his fancy pants, and then he’ll end up seeing it when he’s substitute teaching.  I think it’ll make a good surprise.

That’s all from me today!  I hope your concert went really well and that it was a fun time!  I look forward to your post!


Super Koala

Back to School

Dearest Super Koala,

School has officially started back up! I was kind of okay with going back, but then again I was kind of not. I really just wanted to stay at home and sleep in and hang out with you and the puppies. I think I even got a little bed sick because whenever I got out of bed I felt a little queasy. I even took a nap yesterday because I was so tired. I napped from 6-7, and then I went straight to sleep at 9 and didn’t wake up until my alarm went off at 5:51 the next morning. Today however, I felt much better with all of the sleep that I got.

Any way, Sunday was my super day of cleaning. I re wiped down all of the surfaces in the bathroom, and then I spent 6 hours deep cleaning my room. It was all I did all day. I didn’t even change out of my jammies. Then, of course, on Monday I had to return to school. Nothing exciting happened except for the fact that I didn’t have any Spanish homework, and we got to meet our final biology teacher for the year. Her name is Mrs. Oesch, but the o is silent so it is really just esch. She is a new teacher and did her first semester of teaching in the Ferguson Florissant district. She said that all of the kids there were really great and she loved teaching there. Tuesday was the first jazz band class we had after being back from break. Like usual we did nothing except plan our next pancake party which will be on Friday. Hehe. We also took turns drawing this beautiful picture on the board.


It wasn’t originally a person, but somehow it turned out that way. Tuesday night my watch finally came in the mail and I got to wear it to school on Wednesday. It was super exciting, and I got lots of compliments. The only bad thing was that it is too big to wear on my right hand. It gets in the way of my writing, so I had to move my fitbit to my right hand. Now every time I go to check the time I always look at my right wrist first because I got used to that. Today we had an actual jazz rehearsal, but it is with a different group. This jazz band is made up of people out of wind symphony. So once a week, we are pulled out and rehearse jazz. It was actually really fun. It is a traditional jazz band, so no flutes or clarinets were allowed to join, but Mr. P teaches it and he is just so entertaining. I guess that is all that has happened this week. I have been reading a lot because I have cut back on my Netflix intake so I have much more free time.

As for my wrecking, I am seriously running out of options for last minute wrecking. I really need to start planning ahead. Anyway, I managed to pull it off for one more week.



My postcard was pretty easy except for the fact that I had to step outside to see what I would see while walking to the mailbox. It was very chilly and I did not appreciate it.


My journal page was much more difficult. This was one of the only ones that I could do without pre-planning. I had no idea what I could find that is colorful and smushable. Finally I had a stroke of genius.


I saw this lovely colored armadillo stress ball. Then I decided that I would color the different sections on his back to leave a print on the page.


I colored each section to match the color on its back, then I squished it against the page. The pink didn’t show up because I used a different type of marker for that one, but all of the other colors appeared quite nicely.


I like it. And it was creative!

That is all I have for this week. I have a very busy weekend ahead of me, so I will be looking forward to your post on Sunday.

– C.S.

2014: A Haphazard Reflection

In the following post I, Super Koala, will attempt to reflect upon the year 2014.  I’ve never done a reflection type post like this, and I tend to forget relatively important details, so we’ll see how my portion of this works.  Captain Spazzmataz will be posting below me.

Super Koala’s 2014

January: I came to the very important and impacting realization that I was going to purchase a house.  January launched a month of house hunting, scouring areas of Springfield I didn’t even know existed, and important life conversations.  I also started my second semester teaching, a little smarter and wiser than I was at the beginning of the school year.

February: With the guidance of my rad parents, I closed on THE house, making me an almost official homeowner.  I road in a wheelbarrow at my job, and realized I needed to find more hobbies in the face of tremendous snow days.  Sparhawk bought me an infinity ring for Valentine’s Day, an adorable trinket I’d semi-secretly lusted after for easily a year.  It was a tremendous victory; I wear it nearly every day.

March: I experienced my first paid Spring Break, which we got to keep even with tremendous snow days.  Spazzmataz and I actually adventured outside during the break, and we officially began this excellent little blog.  I realized what it meant to put on a play, thus gaining tremendous respect for all who endeavor to do so professionally.  Seriously.  Go you.

April: During one very perfect weekend that included my sister and father in Springfield, my first 5k, and an AllTimeLow concert, I turned 23.  I fell in fascination with John and Hank Green, the most delightful siblings I can think of excluding the Spazz and myself.  Sparhawk performed his senior recital; I was so impressed.  I chopped off all my hair, received the keys to my house, ate a first meal of Sonic in the house with my Spirit Dog, and we officially completed the play.  It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.  Secretly the best.

May: After months of anticipation, Sparhawk and I moved into the house.  I did terrible and wonderful things like pick out furniture.  I finished my first year of teaching and attended my first graduation as a teacher.  I understood why my job is so fantastic, and settled in for my first teacher summer.  PapaBird came to town for a week and a half and made my house essentially perfect while we went on many Springfield adventures.

June: I did not go to Hawaii.  This was obviously an utter tragedy.  However, I did spend a week in St. Louis with just my mother and my dog.  I unpacked my entire life’s worth of belongings.  At the end of the month, we adopted a new furry child.  Insanity and hilarity have ensued ever since.

July: Turns out, owning a house means lots of random people ring your doorbell and want things from you that you don’t want to give them.  In response, I semi-stopped opening the door.  Whoops.  The Spazzmataz’s monthly visit to Springfield came to a sad ending.  Not that anything sad happened, other than her departure.  Annabelle saved us from a potentially sketchy guest, making her the best puppy ever.  Baby Nyx decided to love me but to continue hating Sparhawk.  I risked my life Ziplining, but rollercoasters made me feel better.

August: The new school year started, and Sparhawk began his student teaching.  BooBoo joined Spazz and I at the wonderful YMCA bookfair where many books were purchased.  An excessive amount of used books was not enough.  Spazzmataz and I had to go to Barnes and Noble to find the materials that would launch our postcard and wrecking project.  5 o’clock in the morning became my regular acquaintance, causing many theoretical tears.

September: Settling into the swing of the new school year took some adjustment.  But my group of Spawn Boys, as I shall always remember them, quickly formed.  The weather was beautiful, hours were spent at the dogpark, and the pumpkin items that delight my soul came out to play.  Sparhawk and I spent the most perfect morning I can think of, at the farmer’s market with the pups followed by breakfast at the Aviary.  I remembered that it’s important to socialize, even if I just want to introvert it up on a daily basis.

October: By complete random happenstance, I saw a simultaneous blood moon and a lunar eclipse.  5 AM seemed a little less scary afterwards.  For some unknown reason, I got really into high school softball.  The craze has faded.  Spazz and I ran our third 5k, and got fancy medals for our performance.  I discovered the most exquisite of events, the Pets and Pumpkins Parade, and many very missed friends came back into town for Homecoming.

November: Time began to fly at school.  Everything that seemed hard to manage got easier.  I got to be a speech coach again, and my students did a really excellent job.  I got all nostalgic and got to reunite with a college friend/fellow coach.  I got back into writing but quickly fell out of it again.  Sadness.  Nyxie frolicked in the snow for the first time, and I began to covertly feed Izzie treats.  This makes me feel like I’m interacting with my neighbors, which doesn’t make any sense.

December: The last days of the semester flew by at an alarming rate, and rapidly closed another period of time in my crazy career.  I feel like I learned a lot in the fall semester, and I want to remember to apply all that I’ve learned in the spring.  I set goals for myself that I want to meet, if not exceed.  I spent some very excellent Silver Dollar City time with a very excellent boy, reminding me why I appreciate him so much.  I purchased tickets to see the love of my life (Bo Burnham) live.  Finally, the puppy girls and I headed forth to St. Louis, where we had much needed family time, landing me right here on the bed in the basement where I now type.

What up, 2015?

Captain Spazzmataz’s 2014

January: January marked the beginning of a second semester that started almost an entire week late because of massive amounts of snow. It was also the time that I decided that I was going to run a marathon by the time I graduated College, and thus began the great race of a lifetime.

February: I cannot remember a thing from February, so I guess it was a waste of a month.

March: The thing that is The Adventures of Super Koala And Captain Spazzmataz came to life. Also a very snowy Spring Break.

April: I turned 16 and got my drivers license, attended my first ever concert, and completed my first ever 5K.

May: I finally finished school on the last day of the month and got a major hair cut.

June: I took an amazing trip to Hawaii with the great Oakville Marching Band. It will probably be the band trip to beat from here on out. I also spent the first half of time with Super Koala in Springfield, and I had to  choke down parts of The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

July: My time with Super Koala ended, but over the course of it, she got a new dog, and we went on many adventures including a second 5K. Band camp started and I got awesomely horrible tan lines that are still visible in some place.

August: The new school year started and so did my grueling practice for All Suburban auditions (even though they weren’t until November).

September: The competitions for marching season began, and we really sucked, but we kept keppin on. This month also started my great semester of procrastination.

October: I completed my third 5K and visited my first possible college. The marching season came to an end with a fantastic win.

November: I made All Suburban band! Also, the school year started to come to a close, and I could feel the pressure to get all A’s. I also got my braces off!

December: The last days of school flew by, and I wasn’t even stressed by the time finals week rolled around. I finished the semester with all A’s, and I finished the year with my sister. It was the first time that I have ever made resolutions and drank sparkling grape juice.

I am terribly sorry that I don’t have more to reflect on, but it seems as though my memory is worse than Super Koala’s. Hopefully next year I will be able to remember more.