Two Weeks Worth

Dearest Super Koala,

I am sorry that I have not posted in two weeks. I just completely forgot about it last week. However, I hope you realize that on Monday, you will have six pages due in order to catch up to me.

The first page was pretty easy. I was instructed to make a treasure map. I was at first just going to make a really cool looking map that served no real purpose, but then I decided to actually “bury” something. Bury is in quotations because I didn’t really dig up the ground and put something in it, rather I hid objects in our basement. Now that I think about it though, that is just as good as burying something.


So the map is a layout of the basement and in three of the rooms I hid a different object. In the laundry room there is a container full of bouncy balls, in the bedroom there is a ball of yarn, and in the back room there is a painted box with rocks inside. All three objects are completely out of plain sight, so I consider that buried.

For the next page, I had to collect something from every place I went out to eat that week. We only went three places, and I wasn’t very good at remembering to take something, so I guess it was a good thing I didn’t post last week. Otherwise, this page would have been very boring.


On Sunday, we went to Jo Boccardi’s; I had pizza. My object is the paper they use to keep the silverware wrapped up. However, I forgot to take this with me. Luckily, Frailey’s, where we went on Tuesday, has the same color wrapper, so I just took two from there. Finally, on Thursday, I had White Castle’s. I was going to cut out the logo on the bag, but I forgot about that and had to settle with a piece of napkin. To supplement for my lackluster items, I drew pictures of what I had in order to jazz the page up a bit.

On the next page I was supposed to write notes to myself that I would want to read in ten years. I couldn’t really think of anything to write, so instead I just wrote a bunch of cheesy motivational phrases in fun fonts to fill up the space. I think it wound up looking pretty cool.


Finally, I had to drip wax onto a page. I got very impatient waiting for enough wax to melt, so I wound up with very little to work with. It was my plan to make a smiley face all along to go with my motivational sayings, I just had less wax to work with than I would have liked. But, I guess that is my own fault for getting antsy. Nonetheless, I think he is pretty cute.


That’s all I have for these past weeks. I hope I will be more punctual this coming week.

– Captain Spazzmataz



Wrecking Precisely on Time

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

My legs and feet are so tired that I just needed to start this post by telling you how happy I am to be laying down.  Post time to savor.  I’m happy I finally got to read your post for the week.  It was pretty adorable.  Send my congratulations to the USS Spazz.

This week has been a rough one, due in large part to my fevery illness.  All I did was sleep and occasionally watch How I Met Your Mother, but for the most part, I was really just sleeping through HIMYM.  I’m hoping this chain of illnesses stops soon.  It would be nice to have an entire week where I feel very normal indeed.  And I need to be running more to prep for our 5k, which is happening so soon.

This weekend my fever finally began to fade, but I still spent much of the time being lazy.  (For shame, because I should have been grading.)  All I really did of note was take the girls to the dog park and get my boyish haircut.  That being said, today was probably my most productive day in a long while.  I’m giving credit to the giant Pumpkin Spice Latte I started my day with.  It was oh so very delicious.  I’ve basically championed all my goals for the day, resulting in my very tired feet.  (Excluding the ones that have to do with grading.  SHAME!)

For my post card this week, I actually sent it off to Sparhawk’s momma.  Out of all the people I know that will be likely to send off the chain letter post card, she is number one.  I gave it a smidgen of decoration, but nothing too much.  I wanted to leave space for other people.  Also, I’m not going to post the official front for the same reasons you did not.


For my wreckage this week, I just so happened to turn the page to this challenge.


I instantly had a brain blast and new exactly how I wanted to infuse a scent.  Candle wax!  Being a crazy candle lady totally came in handy.


Now, the picture turned out kind of ugly, but it smells wonderful.  The red wax is cinnamon and the tan color is vanilla.  The combo is wonderful.  In doing this, I found out that the fanciness level of the candle totally matters to the success of the wax pour.  The red is a Yankee Candle, and the wax dripped really nicely.  It was also incredibly easy to clean up.  The vanilla candle came from Dillons and made a huge mess.  The wax is really creamy and thick, and took way too long to clean up the excess.  However, I like this idea nonetheless.  I feel like I really successfully wrecked this page.

Well, that is it for me.  I look forward to your next post!

– Super Koala


Also Wrecking on Time!

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

Today’s post will be twofold.  While it will include some essential wreckage, I’m also going to delve into the world of my first official fall adventure.

First, the fall!  Last week, whilst celebrating our fourth anniversary, Sparhawk and I came up with an excellent idea.  There’s a south location for the Aviary Creperie, something I did not know about, that also hosts a huge and delightful Thursday/Saturday farmer’s market.  Thus it was decided that we would attend said farmer’s market and then finish up our grocery shopping with potentially delicious breakfast crepes.  And it’s all outside, so the girlies could come with us.

Best.  Idea.  Ever.

Our food was so absurdly delicious that I, per the usual, forgot to take a picture of it.  I didn’t remember until I was half way done with it, but it was so good.  I’ve decided we must do this together some time when you visit.  Because I’m very skeptical that you would like all the stuff in the dinner crepes, but you must experience the delicious.


Miss Nyxen was very intrigued by the breakfast.  (Isn’t this picture of her ridiculously cute?)  Annabelle didn’t feel like being photographed at the time.  Neither did Sparhawk, particularly.

IMG_3107 IMG_3110

This also gave us a good opportunity to socialize the girls.  This farmer’s market is huge, way bigger than the one we went to during the summer.  They also have cooler stuff.  Nyx didn’t do well at first, but she warmed up a little over time.  I feel like doing this more often might help get her more used to people.


Once at home, I kind of did a whole lot of nothing today.  I had all these great plans initially, but I was far too comfy to carry them out.  So today’s wreckage is brought to you by my window/television, my position on the couch, and the moon.


It took longer than I’d like to admit to figure out what moon phase we were in.  Since I was in the living room, the thing to my right was my window and TV combo.  Which brings you this absolutely astounding work of art, along with a side view to judge for any potential, though absent, accuracy. Also Annabelle giving me the face.

IMG_3112  IMG_3114

For my postcard, I decided to send one to my dear friend Travis, who lives in Saint Charles.  I was supposed to hang out with Travis last weekend, but I failed to do so thanks to the deep slumber result of tattoo time.  Hopefully, this will help him forgive me.

IMG_3115 IMG_3116

I’m so proud of us for keeping up with our postcards.  EVEN IF I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE MINE FROM A CERTAIN SOMEONE.  I found your postcard for Shannon to be exceptionally amusing.  Maybe I will give a similar one to Sparhawk.  I absolutely adore your haircut.  It looks very cute in the pictures.  I have an appointment scheduled for the 27th, so Mother should be happy about that.  (Hi, Mom!  If you’re reading.)

The gorgeous weather has fully activated my laziness needs.  This is no good because I have many things to grade before midterms are due on Monday morning.  Yay midterms!  It has also fully activated my candle mode.  Right now the room smells like “Sparkling Cinnamon,” which is nice because it previously smelled like mouse cage shavings.  Definitely an improvement.  I need to buy a long handled lighter.  I’ve burnt a few of mine down too far to light anymore with my little green one.  Now that it’s fall, I feel like there are many things I need to buy.  The foremost of these is certainly slipper socks with traction.  I wore my regular ones last night and almost fell down.  Often.  Hardwood struggles.

Well, I must be off.  The girls and I are attending some late night games with Corbin, Lauren, BBKF, and Gabe.  Sparhawk might join if he ever gets off work.  I hope your competition went well!  Tell me about it soon.


Super Koala

P.S. I’ve added a new category for my fall reports.

#23 – Find a Trunk/Go to an Antique Store & #5 – Make Ice-cream

Yesterday Super Koala and I made a trip to the local antique store/flea market in search of a trunk. We failed in our search for a trunk, but we did see some really cool stuff, and Super Koala bought an awesome candle!


The candle has three sent layers: strawberry, grape, and raspberry. What really sold Super Koala was the strawberry. It is too bad it is on the top and will be used up first.

Anyway, when we arrived at the store, it looked kind of sketchy from the outside, and once you stepped inside, it was a gigantic wonderland of really cool junk.


Well, not all of it was junk. Like this type-writer. This was one of the first cool items we came across. There were many more type-writers, but this one was probably the fanciest.


Then we came across this huge booth of lamps and chandlers. Most of them were really cool and something that I actually would want in my home. However, they were all sadly super expensive.


Later on, we found this sign that says, “Why you gotta be so rude.” For those of you who don’t know, the song Rude by Magic! is constantly stuck in Super Koala’s head, so the sign was fitting.

Our trip took a total of two hours, and by the time it was finished I was famished, so we trekked to Bread Co. When we finally made it home, we decided to make ice-cream. I found this recipe that only called for two ingredients, so we were kind of skeptical. However, since we didn’t have an ice-cream maker, it was one of the only recipes that didn’t use one. We actually added a little vanilla extract for extra taste just in case.


This is what it looked like after we mixed the ingredients together. Still very skeptical, we put it in the freezer to sit overnight.


After mixing, we had a slight dilemma where we couldn’t get the beaters out of the mixer. Super Koala became very frazzled, but luckily, I was able to finally retrieve them.


This is what it looked like after almost twenty-four hours of freezing. It actually turned out pretty good. It was super creamy, and really coated your mouth, but it was still tasty. I think having an ice-cream maker would have made things much easier, but our attempt at crafting ice-cream wasn’t a disaster, and it was edible, so that makes it an A+.