Destructive Verbage!

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

Today I finally got all my ducks in a row for our new project.  Sorry for the delay and the horrible cliche just implemented in those post.  What with your visit and all the tumultuous goings on at school, it has been a most wild and crazy time.

I like that we’re doing the same pages for this project!  It was fun to see what you had done in your interpretation of the pages in comparison to my interpretation of said pages.  My first welcome page ended up looking like this:


For some reason, this Tim Burton Charlie and the Chocolate Factory quote always says welcome to me.  So I had to make it my hello page.  I left a good deal of the space blank because I figure I can fill it in as I learn more things about myself throughout the course of this project.

The second page I found extraordinarily frustrating.  For some reason, I decided it would be a most excellent idea to weave an actual checkerboard out of paper and then adhere it to the page.  This was surprisingly difficult for my un-crafty fingers and did not turn out nice looking.  But I promise I tried.


I unsurprisingly roped Sparhawk into playing checkers with me, using pennies and dimes as checker pieces.  He was very amused by my antics, obviously.

IMG_9909 IMG_9910

In a depressingly short amount of time, I was clobbered.  I tentatively put up a good fight, but it was for a brief moment.  Sparhawk came out solidly victorious in the end.  As the book dictates, he got to sign his name on the page.


That’s all I have for this week!  I’m excited to get back in the groove again and see what you have on Friday.


Super Koala

P.S. Just booked our hotel room for Chicago!