Rip it! Write it! Draw it! (Doing it!)

Dearest Super Koala,

I am finally doing it! I have started our new project. It took us awhile to get started, hopefully now everything can run smoothly. For those of you who don’t know, Super Koala and I have decided to put Keri Smith to the side and start a new project. Here is the first two pages of our new book.


The first page was to make a welcome page and then write three things you are learning about yourself. I decided to go for a chevron theme for my welcome, but I realized that it would have looked a lot better if I would have allotted more time to complete it. Who knew that making a chevron pattern would be so difficult. Also, instead of markers I am going the colored pencil route on this book, and after doing this page I am super jealous of Super Koala’s fancy colored pencils. I simply have Crayola, which are nice, but they aren’t nearly as smooth as the prismacolor ones.

Anyway, the three things I wrote are:

1. I am super lucky to have a sister that loves me so much.

I know this is kind of cheesy, but yes, my sister is amazing, and I know plenty of people that despise their siblings, so I am very fortunate to have one that is basically the best.

2. I am way more dedicated than I though I was.

I know people going into the music education field practice their instruments for hours on end each day. I never thought I could be that person and therefore started having doubts as to whether I was cut out for it or not. Lately though, I have been practicing for at least an hour a day, and I realize that I want to practice even more after that. I am happy to have realized this within myself.

3. I need to let other people do things too.

I have realized that I am sort of super controlling, especially when it comes to school things. I was doing a group project in Astronomy, and I realized that the other people in my group were just as capable as I am. So, I am going to try to allow others work on important things.


This second page was pretty fun; it instructed me to create a checkerboard on the page and then play checkers with someone. For my checkerboard, I decided to get a little squiggly. Then, at lunch, I used folded up paper as the pieces and played with one of my friends. She wound up winning.

Welp, I get to see you today which is super exciting! I can’t wait to see what you come up with on Monday.


Just Another Week

Dear Readers,

We, the sisters ravens, are back to our normal Wednesday and Saturday posts. Our time not speaking to each other was a struggle and very lonely, so we have reverted back to our usual ways. Who, knows, we might attempt days of silence again, but for now we are done. (I wound up getting Super Koala a really cute mug and a bottle of nail polish as presents for failing to post twice.) Now, we are proceeding with our Wreak this Journal/Postcard adventure. Every week we will each post about our adventures that we have through completing our miniature Wreak this Journal and Everything is Connected postcard booklets, both of which are by Keri Smith. It is required that at least one page from each book is completed each time either of us posts along with our usual “what happened this week” posts. I am not sure when exactly this will start. It will either be Saturday with Super Koala, or next Wednesday with me. It depends on if Super Koala finds the time to complete pages by Saturday. So, we will see how it pans out, and I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures.

Dearest Super Koala,

This week has been weird. I feel like I haven’t been that busy, but every time I look at the clock so much time has passed! I guess that is sort of a good thing, but it makes it very difficult to find time to just relax. Sunday night after you left, I finished reading the Bro Code. It was delightful, and everything that I have ever wanted in a Bro Code. I am so happy that you found it for me. All this week I have been taking peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches for lunch. We aren’t supposed to bring anything with any peanut product in it to school because there are these two kids that are super allergic, but they are absolutely delicious! I had never had one before lunch on Monday, and I had never thought to make one before you had one while I was visiting. There is no turning back now. They are probably one of my favorite things about going to school. Monday after school, I started reading Push. It was very difficult to read because the majority of it was written in the speech of an illiterate sixteen-year-old. It was also heartbreaking, but surprisingly funny at times. I finished it Monday night because I didn’t have much homework. Yesterday I started reading Williwaw, which I think is a very strange name for a book, but I guess it makes sense with the subject. It has started out pretty good, but I am only on chapter six. I haven’t had much time to read it. Tuesday night I had band rehearsal. It went well, but it was soo humid and there was no air movement at all. At the end I drank my entire water bottle and was still thirsty. I was even thirsty after my very large glass of milk that I had when I got home. It was very disheartening to not be able to quench my thirst. The treat we had was very unique. A parent brought in individually bagged krispy kream donuts! I have never seen that before, and it was a welcome surprise compared to the regular tube popsicles.

Today I unfortunately got my school laptop. I probably got the worst one. It had smudges and gross dirty stuff all over the top of it, and when I tried to do something on Microsoft word, it was pretty much impossible because it was running so slow. I really hope that I don’t have to use it too often. I also had my first socratic seminar in AP Language today. I really don’t like them because you have to get a certain amount of talking points, but you can’t repeat what anyone else says, but everyone else hogs the talking time, and then I find out that everyone in the class has basically the same views, so then I don’t get to say much, so I really don’t know how well I did. That was a really long sentence, and it probably wasn’t very grammatically correct, but I needed to get my frustrations out. After that, I had to go to math. I already told you how awful I predict this year to be. It just makes me sad to think that he said, “You don’t need to know how to do it as long as you have a deeper understanding of the math.” Yeah! That was a sentence he spoke during class! How does that even make any sense! ugh. The struggles.

Well, since I just saw you last Sunday, that is all I have to report. I will look for your post on Saturday.

Captain Spazzmataz