Super Koala: Summer Countdown Final Update 2

Hello Cap’t Spazzmataz, who is sitting two feet away from me.  Maybe three.  I’m terrible at distance.

Even though we are in each others presence, I am still going to do my weekly summer update.  As of today’s end, there are only seven days left!

1. Catch Up on My 2015 Reading Challenge – Sadly, I only read three books this week.  That means I am still seven books behind for my challenge.  Strength.

2. Do 1,000 squats and 1,000 sit ups – I have a remaining 670 squats and 630 sit ups.  Crunch time.  Bazinga.

3. Run 50 miles and do 50 total minutes of planks – 28.9 miles left.  I really don’t want to talk about the planks…

5. Cook three new meals – I cooked something!  I successfully cooked this Cajun Chicken Alfredo Pasta, the recipe for which can be found here.


As can be viewed by the picture, my finished product was not nearly as beautiful as seen on its blog of origin.  Also, it easily took me double the times provided to make the sauce.  But I got so many compliments on the finished product.  Sparhawk took it to work, and everyone wanted the recipe.  Two meals left.

8. Watch five things off my Netflix “List” – Thus far, I have finished Orange is the New Black.  I also watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (adorable) and Repo! The Genetic Opera (dark).  That means I have two left.

12. Finish Kingdom Hearts I – So. Much. To. Play.  I’m only at Wonderland.  Shame.

13. See four movies – This past week I finally took the time to see Spy.  It was so, so, so good.  I loved it, which is something I never thought I’d say about a Jason Statham movie.  Also, Jude Law looks like he’s had horrible plastic surgery on his mouth.  Sadness.  Two movies left!

14. Write 25 pages – Six pages down, nineteen to go.  Whaddup.


Valentine’s Weekend Fun

This weekend the Super Koala and I were once again united. Friday we both had the day off, so I made my first drive to Springfield. After three hours, we were finally together. We spent the day eating tasty food and hanging out with Pleasant Hopeians. For lunch we went to Bread Co. and I had my first ever bowl of broccoli cheddar soup. It was delicious, and I can see many more in my future. Then we went to Elle’s for tasty desserts.


Later that evening we went to the great town of Pleasant Hope to watch a basketball game. It was very intense and stressful, and sadly they lost. Afterwards there was a sort of hang out at the high school that Super Koala had to chaperone. They had movies, video games, board games, basketball, and ping-pong. We played trivial pursuit and, of course, Super Koala was the winner.

Yesterday was a beautiful morning, so we took the puppy girls to Rutledge-Wilson Farm for a nice long walk. They have a cute little pond where Nyx was able to be an adventure dog.


When we got home, it was too nice outside to continue to stay indoors, so we took the girls out to the dog park. It was the second best dog park day ever. Nyxie was was so nice to the other dogs, and she played, and she didn’t growl at anyone, and it was the best. There were even a couple of dogs bigger than her, and she didn’t get upset once. It was so cute because she didn’t want to leave when it was time to go home. Then we sat at home for a little until we traveled to Lebanon for dinner with Mamabird and our Nonna. We had Chinese food at Bamboo Gardens. It was pretty good, and I tried crab Rangoon for the first time.


When we got home, we decided to watch one of the movies off of our list, but sadly we fell asleep so we will re-watch the parts we missed tonight.

I am supposed to stay with the Koalas until Monday because we both have the day off again, but it is supposed to snow really hard, so I have to leave today. So, we made the most of our last day and got lots of things accomplished. We planned on going out for breakfast one day, so of course we had to go to Waffle House. Then we went to the mall, and I got a new pair of sweatpants, and we each got a sister related piece of jewelry.


Before we went to the mall, we had to make a pit stop at Barnes and Noble until the mall opened. We saw adorable kitten puzzles and lots of books that we stared at longingly.


They also had a pile of vinyls and one was of the new Maroon 5 album. Super Koala and I are very curious as to weather it is supposed to be the letter V or the roman numeral 5.


(Or maybe a less than sign)

Then we went to Hurts Donuts for a tasty snack. I also got a half-dozen to take home with me.


They were super busy, but luckily there were lots of donuts, so there were plenty for us to chose form. We had a great weekend even though it was cut short, and we will see each other soon enough. Also, tomorrow we will have a Skype reading date, so there will be another A Million Little Pieces post.

Wrecking to the Max

Dearest Super Koala,

I did it! I officially was able to complete two postcards and two journal pages. I was not anticipating the time that it was going to take me to complete them, but I did it. For my first postcard, I did the one where you write a secrete and then destroy it. After I had already written my secrete I realized that I didn’t take a before picture, but you have done it before, so I figured it would be okay. While I was thinking of how to expertly destroy it, I came up with the great idea of making it into confetti. So, I hole punched the entire thing. It took about 25 minutes to complete, and afterwards my hand was very sore that it hurt to squeeze anything.


This was my lovely pile of confetti, and I don’t think any would ever be able to put it back together again. I think it is literally in a thousand pieces. For my second one, I decided on a magical power.


Of course I picked teleportation because we have only been talking about it forever. My first journal page I kind of fudged the rules a little.


I tried to do this one this week, but as I was looking around for circles, I realized that it was much harder than I thought it would be, so instead I drew a lovely picture of only circles. I will say that I found the circles in my mind, and then I will have followed the rules. My second one isn’t as pretty.


I decided that I would do this one, so I smeared the picture in the snow on the back porch. I guess I used too good of a pen because it didn’t smear that well. Whoops.


This past weekend, as you know, was spent with the little kids and by the time I got home on Sunday all I did was sit in my room and read and watch my two episodes of Netflix. It was stressful. Saturday at the City Museum was fun, but after awhile it just got tiring. Monday night we had our Winter Concert at school. It went really well especially considering how it was looking a week leading up to the event. It was also pretty packed the entire bottom bleachers were full and the top was 3/4 full, so I would say that it was a really good night. Afterwards a group of us went out for ice cream in our tuxes and it was pretty funny. On Tuesday I signed up for the classes I want to take next year. I am really excited, and it is funny to see how the classes I thought I was going to take a month ago are completely different from what I signed up for. Wednesday we actually played music in jazz band because there was a guy at the school seeing if we could be a school of character, so Brakefield wanted us to look good in case he came in. He didn’t, but we still had fun playing. We played a song called On Green Dolphin Street, and Burritos to Go. The latter was my favorite. It made me want to get up and dance. Today there was a two hour early release at school, so I have had lots of time to get my homework and posting done. It has been a nice relaxing day. I guess that is all I have for you. Can’t wait to hear from you on Sunday.

-Captain Spazz

P.S. We didn’t read on Sunday!

Finally, Finally Wrecking!

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

At last!  I will finally be posting.  I have all my technology ducks in a row.  Be prepared for postage!

As you, and our readers may have, noticed, I failed to post last week.  Like has happened before, I got sidetracked with all of the excitement of having Spazz and MamaBird visiting.  And then I was engrossed in my busy and tumultuous work week.  But I am finally ready with two wreckages and two post cards.

My initial wrecking was done at the speech tournament on Saturday.  I documented time passing in their cafeteria.  But their cafeteria has this interesting quirk to where it is also a FEMA shelter.  And all of the signs in the school are for the FEMA shelter, not the Cafeteria.  It was a tumultuous experience in which I remembered why I often hate high shcoolers, but it ended up alright.


For my second post, I took some inspiration from your wrecking.  But instead of filling in song lyrics, I looked up the opening paragraphs of my favorite books.  I don’t think it looks as nice as yours, but my pens were not as pretty.  All things considered, I’m pretty pleased with it.

IMG_5461 IMG_5462

My post cards are pretty great.  For the first one I also took inspiration from you.  I’ve avoided this card for forever as well, but I decided it was time to finally conquer it.


My machine works by inserting pieces of trash or recycling.  When you have inserted a piece, you then get 10 free minutes of Netflix on a really gigantic screen.  Enter another piece of trash, get another 10 minutes.  Below ground, there are some compactable machines that take care of the trash.  Think of little Wall-Es fixing the issue.

I also finally created my own currency, something else I’ve been avoiding.  It turned out pretty fantastic if I do say so myself.  I provided a before picture since neither of us have done this before.

IMG_5458 IMG_5459

Pretty creepy wonderful, eh?

The tricky part of this was trading it for something.  I had to make my currency legal tender.  And I did.  I traded my one Super Koala dollar for one excellent DumDum sucker.  Proof!


She said she’s keeping my currency forever.  She taped it to her computer.

I don’t know that anything else particularly exciting has gone on this week.  As you mentioned, we’ve talked on the phone a lot, so you know most of the excitement.  On Saturday, the kiddos broke to semi-finals, which is the farthest they’ve ever gotten in a tournament.  It was pretty good.  Sunday, BBKF and I tried to use our MoviePasses, but we did it wrong.  Luckily, delicious Bread Co sufficed.

Anyway, I’m going to go grade some rough drafts.  Sorry for the terrible delay!

Love you!  Look forward to your new, exciting double posts!

– Super Koala

Bond, James Bond – Skyfall

Dearest Readers,

From the floor of Captain Spazzmataz:

Today, even though we are apart, Super Koala and I have decided to watch another movie on our great movie challenge. We had to pick one off of Netflix that we could both watch in separate households. We chose Skyfall.

This was my first 007 movie and a pretty good one at that. I think seeing some of the other ones before this would have cleared up a few things, but otherwise the general plot of the movie was very easy for new James Bond viewers to follow. I really enjoyed how they kept the traditional James Bond music in the newer film while also incorporating an incredible song by Adele in the intro credits (which were done extremely tastefully). The film did a great job of capturing my attention right from the beginning and keeping it the entire time. When they say it is an action movie, they really mean it. I only found a few parts disturbing, such as when Bond and Silver first meat, when Silver is in captivity, and the very end, but other than that I was delighted by the movie. It definitely lived up to my expectations and was everything I thought a James Bond movie would be.

Side note: Why do all crime fighters have to be orphans? I stand no chance at becoming an agent of anything because neither of my parents have died! Orphans get all the fun.

From the Couch of Super Koala:

I have to largely agree with Captain on this one.  I really appreciated the elements of this movie, and the assembled story of a legend in decline.  In some ways, it reminds me of The Dark Knight Rises; however, I enjoyed this movie a great deal more.  Maybe because, like the Spazz, I haven’t been as invested in the James Bond franchise throughout my life.

The Daniel Craig reboot is fun because it strips away all the nonsense in which an action movie can embroil itself.  Instead we have our weathered hero, an incredibly creepy villain, and a little throwback espionage.  I love the traditional theme music, and I even liked the opening credits.  Typically I hate credit sequences.  Overall, Skyfall is a lot of fun.  It’s in depth without being overly complicated, interesting, and exciting.  Plus, Judi Dench as M is just delightful.

Dearest Super Koala,

I am finally posting on my regular day at a regular time! Aren’t you so proud of me!? As for my Happiness book, maybe we shouldn’t talk about that…

This past weekend, as you know, I had All State auditions. You also know that I did not make it, but got to spend a day hanging around with really awesome people who care about music just as much as I do. On Sunday I was probably the laziest person you could imagine. I basically laid in bed all day and watched Netflix. (Why does the computer want to correct Netflix to Linnet?) I got up only to eat, practice, and go to the bathroom. Oh yeah, there was also about an hour and a half of time where Mom and I went up to the craft fair. The only things we bought were food related and mainly in the dessert category. Monday was pretty boring. I had another Spanish test which went much better, and I do still have a 4.0. Aside from that, nothing really momentous happened. Tuesday was very similar. I think all of my teachers are getting very lazy because they don’t want to have to grade a bunch of stuff and have to get the grades in by the end of finals. Wednesday was the day of the week. It was the first ever jazz band gingerbread house making contest. We went in to knowing how anything was going to turn out, and came out with so many surprises. Each team had their own six-foot table to work on, and we had an hour and fifteen minutes to get everything done. As I told you before, my team made a sorority house. About half way through construction, we weren’t too sure how it was going to work.


It wasn’t looking too good, and it took us forever to figure out how to make the roof. At some point, I have know idea how, Shannon got a bloody nose and accidentally got some on her construction. Fortunately for her, it was just on a corner of her board, so she just removed the icing and replaced it with fresh icing. Eventually, we finished building our house, and with only five minutes left, had to put on all of the decorations. It wound up looking pretty good if I do say so myself.


If you can’t tell, there are drunk polly pockets lying in the front yard, and their Greek letters are XXX which translates to Chi Chi Chi. All Brakefield’s idea. Shannon’s team made a beach disaster theme.


Their volcano actually erupted! Another team did a nativity scene.


They weren’t able to get a roof on their structure, but they had a really good idea. The last team didn’t have enough time to finish, but I think if they did then they would have won. they tried to make the house from Up, and it was going really well.


After all of the judging, Shannon’s team won. I have to admit that their presentation was very nice.

After school on Wednesday I went to Mom’s CSI Christmas dinner with her. It didn’t turn out to be so bad, and I got to eat tasty food from Bartolino’s. Towards the end, they had carolers come and perform. They were actually really good, and it was a nice way to top off the evening. Today was a day not unlike Monday and Tuesday. Nothing very exciting happened.

As for my wrecking, it took much longer than I had anticipated.


My journal took no time at all, and I knew exactly who I would give it too.


I bet you can guess who it is for. I plan on decorating it more, but I wanted to make my post before you freaked out. Plus, she isn’t even going to be at school tomorrow, so I’ve got time. My postcard however, took a lot of thought, and I still don’t know who I am going to sent it to.


It took awhile for me to even think of a way to fit all of the words together in a way that made sense, but eventually I got it. (Don’t mind the mistakes)


The words that I underlined were the words from the specific pages of the dictionary. I was originally going to send it to Aunt Susie because she really likes words, and I think she would enjoy this, but I realized that I already sent one to her. Who else do you think I could send it to?

I guess that is all for this week. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!!!!

– Captain Spazzmataz



Stolen Idea Wrecking

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

I forgive you despite your belated wreckage and the re-theft of my beloved watch.  I hope you had a nice time at State yesterday.  The merit badges were a great idea, and I’m so proud of you for talking to people you don’t know!  So brave!

Ideally, your Spanish grade is still okay.  You’ve done well in that class all semester, so I imagine it’ll be fine.  That way your almost 4.0 can continue!  Such a smarty-article.

Obviously you should make more lists.  That might help with your busy forgetfulness.  It definitely helps mine.  Yesterday, I was super productive thanks to my almighty list making.  However, that productivity fizzled out today.  Also, I’ve felt semi-sickish, which hasn’t helped.  Fortunately, yesterday was so productive that it’s not so bad I didn’t do much today.

One of the things I did do was finally put my recent tickets in that book I got from ModCloth.  I thought I’d show you a picture.  It’s a rather pleasant book.  Among other cutesy things, I dedicated almost an hour to catching up my Happiness Project book.  I had a bunch of missing gaps since September.  It wasn’t all blank, but a lot of it was.  I used this blog to go back and fill it all in.  When was the last time you used your Happiness book?  It’s almost time to start the next year.


I also completed my wreckings in a timely fashion.  Though I stole your idea.  Behold!

My post card was a little difficult to photograph due to the secret nature of its content.  So I have provided you the before picture, a shot of the colors I used, and the aftermath.  I went for the destroy option because sending my secrets to a stranger totally freaks me out.  It would probably freak out the stranger, too.  I know I don’t want some random person sending me their secret business.IMG_3619 IMG_3620

I originally was going to cut it into super tiny pieces, but as you can see, that became an impossible option.  So instead I ripped it into super tiny pieces.  It was a very thrilling chunk of time.


I stole your idea for the wrecking.  I had been grading, and decided to take a nice Netflix break.  Originally, I had been watching Criminal Minds, but I changed it to a comedy special for more uplifting doodle inspiration.  It’s not quite done.  Maybe I’ll doodle more at a later time.  I could only do one page since the remnants of my compost page was on the other side.  I should go check that some time.  Maybe when you’re here.

IMG_3622 IMG_3623

While I enjoyed my doodling it was made slightly difficult by the fact that I couldn’t move my legs the entire time.  They were quite embedded in puppy cuddles, as you can see.


Well that’s it for me!  I’m going to resume my grading.  I’m excited to have you come visit this weekend!  You and Mom should come up with some ideas for what you want to do.


Super Koala