Mega-Late, Mega-Decorated Post!

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz!

I have done it!  I have for you not one, not two, not three, but six pages of general wreckage and good times.  True I did this to myself, and true it seemed like a daunting task, but I have completed it.  Behold.

The first page we had to complete was very reminiscent of a page in our previous wreckage books.  Last time, I felt like I had done a terribly messy job, so this time I took it upon myself to make the neatest page possible.


This probed to be very difficult, as both kittens instantly came out of the woodwork to attack the yarn.  This resulted in a very tragic tearing of the paper, but I still feel like it looks fairly nice.

Secondly, I had to decorate a sticker.  I chose the absolutely riveting Lisa Frank heart dolphins, pictured in their non-decorated splendor below.


I initially planned on making an intensely colorful, heart themed, abstract picture around them, which is why there is that weird dark spot in the middle of the page.  After committing to the weird dark spot, I decided an ocean background would be much more fun, so just pretend that didn’t happen.


I actually had a nice time doing this little freehand doodle.  Though, I basically enjoy any chance to utilize my shmansy color pencils.

Excuse the maps to follow.  They’re rather dreadful.  Directions and spatial reasoning just aren’t my friend.  I obviously have no future as a cartographer.


Since there were two pages, I made two maps.  One that leads to something that I, or most people, would want, and one that leads to something the puppy dogs would want.  As you can see, the paths are pretty straight forward.  Also, I fail at drawing things on any sort of consistent scale.

This brings me to the page that started all of my problems.  The food page.


I actually ended up getting this to work better than I thought.  I had been distressed because I forgot to save random items from both Papa Johns and Steak n’ Shake.  However, as I was foraging for yarn in my desk, I found coupon sheets for both establishments.  Happily, these provided representation for them on my page.  The Panera logo is extra big because I ate there twice in the last week and a half.  No shame!

For the page of life advice I’d want to read in 10 years, I had no idea what to put.  I scrolled a bit on the Internet, looking for quotes from authors I liked or something similar that would suffice.  I found nothing, which is so typical of the Internet.  Fortunately, I did find a picture I had saved of definitions for emotions all people have but don’t know how to describe.  I’m skeptical as to the overall legitimacy of some of these definitions, but I’ve always liked the list and saved it in my phone.  I thought it would be fun to save them here for my thirty-four-year-old future self to re-discover.


Finally, I bring you the wax page.  I did not like the wax page.  I should no longer be allowed to complete wax pages.  In the case of this wax page, I used way too much wax, burnt my palm, and got wax on my dishwasher.  Artemis found it fascinating.  The wax also slightly bled onto the next page, so I’ll have to figure that nonsense out next week.


There you have it!  I have completed my mission.  I feel so accomplished.  I’ll leave you with the note that I’m looking forward to your instagram post today (look us up on pawsandpages), and this picture of what Annabelle was doing whilst I slaved at my wreckage.



Super Koala


Tragically Absent Wreckage

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

(And anyone else who regularly reads our posts) I’m so terribly sorry that I completely forgot about my post.  It was a hectic time, what with Sparhawk’s graduation, your visit with MamaBird, and the ever stressful finals week.  I’ve had bunches of work to do.  I suppose I didn’t realize how much preparation I needed to put into this week, and I failed to do so this weekend.  Now I much play catch up.

However, it has been a good week so far.  On Monday, I encountered my arch nemesis.  (He who shall not be named, but you know who.)  He said you are surprisingly skilled at Trivia Crack.  I said absolutely of course you were, as you are a very smart girl.  Then the best thing ever happened.  I got a new computer at work.  It’s a laptop, and it’s beautiful.  For a windows computer that is.  However, this is wonderful because I can now take all of my files and computer needs home, where I much prefer to work.  The only downside is that I have no way to charge the laptop at home because I am windows free.  I’ll find a way to work around it.  Sparhawk stayed late at school yesterday evening, so I ordered Papa Johns.  Plus dessert.  I am weak.

Today has also ended up being fairly pleasant.  All of my English III classes were taking a test, so it was a quite day in my classroom.  Tragically, this slightly adds to my finals week stress because these tests are now my responsibility to grade, but c’est la teacher vie.  I don’t know the French word for teacher.  A great and terrible unrest had befallen our quaint little fur filled home, as Sparhawk had misplaced his wallet for the past three days.  The worry of this culminated into a full house search these evening, as he had a considerable amount of cash in there meant for Christmas shopping.  Fortunately, he just found it a friends house, so now we can rest easy and the search can come to an end.

As I type this post, Nixen keeps trying to steal one of my gloves to chew on.  She’s tricksy.  ALSO!  I finished my 75th book today!  I am officially finished with my 2014 book challenge, and can now receive my presents.  And by now, I mean when I next see you.  Which isn’t very far away.  I ordered the mystery box from Julep today, per your recommendation, and had it shipped to the house.  But you cannot open it until I am there, in the event that its arrival predates mine.  I really enjoyed your post from last week (and its timeliness), though I’m semi-confident that I find the drunk polly pockets to be very scandalous.

Anyway!  I am now going to leave you to resume my grading madness.  Eventually, some day the pile will start to shrink.  I am just trying to avoid having to take all of this to St. Louis with me.  That would be less fun.

I’m sorry I have no wreckage to accompany my post.  I promise to double up this weekend.  Good luck on your finals, and I’ll see you in just six days!


Super Koala