Captain Spazzmataz: Final Day of Summer

Soooooo saaaaaaad!

I am terribly upset that today is my last day of summer. I know that Super Koala got three less days than I did, but I still think it was too short. However, today I was rather productive, and I finished up the last few things I had to do for my End of Summer List! I. DID. IT!!! I really am very proud of myself for finishing everything that I set out to do.

1. Finally take the Jazz Band field trip to the City Museum – I put this one together. A few weeks ago, I asked everyone if they still wanted to do it, and everyone agreed that it needed to happen. So, on August 7th, at 7 PM, five of the eight members of last year’s jazz band made it to the City Museum. It was probably one of the most fun nights ever.

IMG_1031 IMG_1046

2. Read five books to catch up on my reading challenge – I completed this one, and a few days early too, but somehow I am still behind. I don’t really understand how because I read five books when it said I was five books behind, but I am still two books short. Oh well, I guess I will have to catch up somewhere.


3. Memorize the marching show – I knew this one would be pretty easy because band camp ends before school starts, and we always get the entire how on the field (no matter how pretty it looks) before camp is over. That being said, this years music is the hardest ever, and for everyone else, it is the hardest drill ever. I didn’t really have to worry about my drill spots so much because I march less than half the show, but I still memorized them all and all of the music!

4. & 5. Complete 1000 Squats and Sit-ups – I can’t really provide much proof that I actually completed this task, but I promise that I did. I planned it out that I would need to do 40 of each every day, and I did for the most part. On the days that I forgot or was feeling too lazy, I just did the extra reps the next day.

6. Finish my LEGO airplane – This was probably the most satisfying task to complete. When I was finally done, it felt like a huge accomplishment, and it does so many tricks! The propellers spin, the fins move, even the wheels fold in! My next LEGO adventure is going to have to be pretty great to top this one.


7. Do all of my summer math packet – This wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it was going to be. When I broke it down by only doing five problems a day, it really didn’t seem like it took me that long. I could have probably done it all in one day and not even have been that stressed out. Thank you new math teacher for not making me cry over the summer.


8. Complete four Postcards and Wreckings – I almost didn’t do this one. I had forgotten about it until today, and I was just going to let it slide. However, when I realized it was the only task I wouldn’t have completed on the list, I knew I had to do it. And, it only took me about two hours to do it all, and it was pretty fun.


These are the postcards I did for the summer.


The sculpture one was pretty tricky. I looked online for some index card origami to make a sculpture with, and I did, but it didn’t turn out so great.


I mean, this is what it is supposed to look like, however, it was supposed to be a hopping bunny, but the material of the postcard was just to heavy for my bunny to get off the ground.

I finally did the hide this postcard in your neighbor’s yard card. I was pretty nervous, because I didn’t want anyone to see me doing it. However, if they do ever find it, I made it look very nice.

IMG_1059 IMG_1060

Hopefully it will be enjoyed. You can’t tell from this picture, but I wedged it in between the two corner bushes. It went in pretty far, but who knows, maybe they will find remnants of it some day.


The dice postcard probably would have worked better if I would have done it outside, but instead I decided to see where it would take me inside the house. For the first trial I started at my bedroom door, but only got through about four rolls before I got stuck in the bathroom.


For the second trial, I started in the sunroom, figuring that it was a more open space so I should get farther, however, I was quickly caught in another corner.


For my last postcard, It isn’t quite complete yet. I did the treasure map one, but no one has followed the map yet. But I will let you know how it turns out. I am going to hide it in the band room, and tell the saxophone section that the first person to find it gets a prize.

IMG_1058 IMG_1057

Journal Pages:

Three of my four journal pages had to be done using the wilderness, and I think you should be very proud of me. The only one that didn’t was this one, and I kind of stole your idea.



Mine didn’t turn out nearly as well as yours, but it still smells nice. I went for the pouring method, but when I poured the wax, it all kind of ran to the seam.

Two of my out doors pages relate to each other.

IMG_1056 IMG_1055

For both of these I went outside and collected some supplies and then the tracing of the first page was a copy of what actually went on the second. I think it turned out pretty cool.

IMG_1067 IMG_1066

My final page was very scary. I had to lay in the grass! Dun, dun, duuuuuun!


When ever I flipped passed this page, I could never figure out what to do with it. However, today I realized what it could be used for.


A pillow! If I am going to be dreaming outside, I must have a pillow to rest my head.

Well, I guess that is all I have. Nooo! I want there to be more summer!


Super Koala: Summer Countdown Final Update 2

Hello Cap’t Spazzmataz, who is sitting two feet away from me.  Maybe three.  I’m terrible at distance.

Even though we are in each others presence, I am still going to do my weekly summer update.  As of today’s end, there are only seven days left!

1. Catch Up on My 2015 Reading Challenge – Sadly, I only read three books this week.  That means I am still seven books behind for my challenge.  Strength.

2. Do 1,000 squats and 1,000 sit ups – I have a remaining 670 squats and 630 sit ups.  Crunch time.  Bazinga.

3. Run 50 miles and do 50 total minutes of planks – 28.9 miles left.  I really don’t want to talk about the planks…

5. Cook three new meals – I cooked something!  I successfully cooked this Cajun Chicken Alfredo Pasta, the recipe for which can be found here.


As can be viewed by the picture, my finished product was not nearly as beautiful as seen on its blog of origin.  Also, it easily took me double the times provided to make the sauce.  But I got so many compliments on the finished product.  Sparhawk took it to work, and everyone wanted the recipe.  Two meals left.

8. Watch five things off my Netflix “List” – Thus far, I have finished Orange is the New Black.  I also watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (adorable) and Repo! The Genetic Opera (dark).  That means I have two left.

12. Finish Kingdom Hearts I – So. Much. To. Play.  I’m only at Wonderland.  Shame.

13. See four movies – This past week I finally took the time to see Spy.  It was so, so, so good.  I loved it, which is something I never thought I’d say about a Jason Statham movie.  Also, Jude Law looks like he’s had horrible plastic surgery on his mouth.  Sadness.  Two movies left!

14. Write 25 pages – Six pages down, nineteen to go.  Whaddup.

Super Koala: Summer Final Countdown Update 1

Hello Sisterly!

As my list is large and lengthy, I decided I would write weekly updated to inform you of my progress toward said goals.  I must admit, I have forgotten about some of them.  Obviously, I need to double my efforts!

Anyhow.  Thus far I have tackled the following goals:

1. Catch Up on My Summer Reading Goals – I read five books this week!  Lamentably, I’m still eight books behind.  I shall get there.

2. Squats/Sit Ups – I sort of forgot about this one.  That being, I have 870 and 830 left of each.

7. Reorganize my closet – I am so proud of myself!  I spent so much time yesterday completely reconstructing my closet and it. looks. beautiful.  I have pictures for evidence.




IMG_9229 IMG_9230

It’s gorgeous!  And, it was super fun cleaning as the kittens used my closet as a fantastic jungle gym the entire time.  Best cleaning company ever.

11. Go to Silver Dollar City – this one is fully completed.  Sparhawk and I went on Tuesday and encountered the smallest lines we ever have during the summer time.  It was quite pleasant.  We did all of the roller coasters, stopped in at the glass shop, and then Sparhawk surprised me by buying us a cinnamon roll to split.  A very lovely Silver Dollar City day indeed.

IMG_9221 IMG_9222 IMG_9223

13. See four movies – BBKF and I saw Train Wreck this week.  It was way better than I was expecting and gave me a soft spot for LeBron James, which I didn’t think was possible.  Obviously, I need to rewatch Space Jam to reaffirm my forever love of the greatest basketball player: Michael Jordan.

That’s all I got so far!  I’ll keep at it!

End of Summer To Do List:

Dearest Readers,

The Spazz and I parted for the summer about a little under a week ago, leaving us each with three weeks of remaining summertime.  As everyone should absolutely know, I love lists.  Particularly fun, motivating ones.  I also love peer pressure, so I convinced the Spazz to join me in the creation of a most excellent end of summer list.  We’re each posting our list here, and will make posts to signify the completed events.  Wish us luck!  I, personally, have a lot of cleaning in my future.

Super Koala’s End of Summer List:

1. Catch Up on My 2015 Reading Challenge

2. Do 1,000 squats and 1,000 sit ups

3. Run 50 miles and do 50 total minutes of planks

4. Complete four postcards and wreckings

5. Cook three new meals

6. Plan the first month of my four classes

7. Reorganize my closet and desk

8. Watch five things off my Netflix “List”

9. Repair and organize our office closet

10. Straighten and purge the garage

11. Go to Silver Dollar City

12. Finish Kingdom Hearts I

13. See four movies

14. Write 25 pages

15. Research a run/concert/language learning software

Captain Spazzmataz’s End of Summer List: (Mine is much shorter)

1. Finally take the Jazz Band field trip to the City Museum

2. Read five books to catch up on my reading challenge

3. Memorize the marching show music

4. Complete 1000 Squats

5. Complete 1000 Sit-ups

6. Finnish my LEGO airplane

7. Do all of my summer math packet

8. Complete four postcards and wreckings

Eighteenth Day of Silence

Dear Captain Spazzmataz,

I’m sorry my post is coming in so late this evening.  Hopefully you’ll be able to see it in the morning.  However, I promise I didn’t forget!  Tonight the whole little family went over to Corbin’s house so they could meet Nyx.  Nyx and Annabelle will be spending their Saturday there next weekend while I come to visit St. Louis.  (Sparhawk works a double that day.)  Nyxie actually did really well.  Other than being hissed at by one of the cats, she didn’t seem too terrified.  She even let Corbin sit by her and pet her for a bit.

You’d be so proud of me.  I woke up at 7 both today and yesterday.  I went to hot yoga, but other than that nothing too terribly exciting happened.  Mostly, I’ve been playing a lot of GameCube.  While I so infinitely appreciate you letting me borrow it for any even more extended period of time, it’s still my goal to return your precious to you.  I did go and get my hair dyed yesterday.  The blue is mostly gone, though a greenish hue is still in a couple places.  Then I went and bought Sparhawk a coffee at Elle’s in exchange for an Imo’s salad.  It was actually a cute afternoon since I got to surprise see him for a little bit.  While yesterday’s weather was beautiful, we got some of your scary rain today.  It’s come in really odd intervals with very sunny spots in between.  This has made it very hard to keep the puppies walked, happy, and dry.

The very last days of summer are officially here.  I am sad to see it go.  I’ve made the syllabi for my classes, but I haven’t done much else to prepare.  I guess now that I’ve gone through the experience, it does seem as scary as before.  Plus it’s hard to prepare too far in advance when I don’t know what my classes will actually be like.  I’ve got the first units covered for everyone, so that should hold us for a while.  Now that you’re in the last week as well, I hope you’re having a nice time and can say that you’ve had a fun summer.  Have you used your ice cream coupon with Shannon?  It’s going to expire soon!

Hooray we’re almost done with our days of silence!  One week till I visit!

– Super Koala

P.S. Did you look at the runs?

Fourteenth Day of Silence

Dear Captain Spazzmataz,

I absolutely cannot wait for you to come visit again.  The girls have gotten so goofy in your absence.  I went to feed them about 10 minutes ago, and Nyx turned into a crazy ping-pong ball of joy, rebounded off almost all the living room furniture, and then did a happy dance waiting for her food.  She does something similar when it’s time for walks, and I pick up her leash.  To answer your Scuttle questions: We caught him initially by trapping him in a vase I had gotten.  It was in my closet at school.  Sparhawk put a little smidgen of food in the back of the vase and laid it on the ground.  When Scuttle went for the food, he stood the vase up.  Boom.  Instant mouse pet.  He came home in the vase as well.  And, while you can tell Pops that I am not running a circus, if I were to sign up any of the critters, it would be Scuttle.  His bat mouse tricks are outstanding.  Scuttle actually managed to escape while Sparhawk was giving him a mousie bath, but he was pretty easily recaptured.  He sat in Sparhawk’s hand for a nice while before that, so we’re working on taming him.  Dad won’t even notice his presence when he comes to visit again.

I’m so jealous that I missed the barbecue.  It’s always so delicious.  Especially jealous of corn on the cob!  I bet Pops was tired after he got home.  He’s always there the full time.  MamaBird mentioned that Heather and the kiddos got to go with you.  That’s pretty awesome.  I didn’t know what slides were, so I had to look them up.  Are they comfy?  Do you love them?  I really enjoyed the picture of the Nikes you sent me.  I unfortunately did not go shopping because I am low on the dollars and trying to save up for my tattoo.  Next paycheck will be super budget time.

Collecting watches would be expensive, but I don’t think I’d get too crazy.  Maybe just enough to fill up a watch box.  Plus they don’t have to be super expensive, just cool looking.  It was not cool that they were eating Chinese food on HIMYM because I wanted to be eating Chinese food after I saw them.  As I mentioned, I’m saving my dollars, so no Chinese food for me.  Now I’m talking about it again, which is not helping.

Yesterday, I was so incredibly productive.  You should be proud of me.  I even worked on organizing my desk some.  I didn’t have a chance to play any GameCube though, so I did some of that today.  I’m trying to make sure I finish up the games in time.  I loves the GameCube; it’ll be sad to see it go.

Today I began my official last week of summer by being exciting, like I promised.  I went to Patton Alley for half priced appetizers and drinks with about six friends.  Patton is an excellent place because on Sunday it’s happy hour all day, hence forth half priced appetizers.  Then, we went to Hurts.  It was necessary because Hurts is right across the street from Patton.  Mandatory attendance.

Well, I need to go.  Annabelle is going berserk.  She clearly needs a walk.  I’m going to work on fixing my sleep schedule this week, so hopefully I will find myself in bed soon.  Have a good last full week of band camp!


– Super Koala

P.S. My FitBit charger still has not shipped.  Cranky.

Eleventh Day of Silence

Dearest Super Koala,

Regarding the wreak this journal/postcard project, I think there should be some sort of rules, or organization to it. So I guess we will have to wait until August. I also agree that a October run would be better. It would also be less stressful for me because I won’t have so many competitions around then.

You have finally gotten the little pet rodent that you wanted! Hopefully it won’t get out into the world of dogs. How do Annabelle and Nyx feel about the new family member? I think he is cute. I couldn’t really see him all that well in your snap. But, I assume since it was hiding under a place where books belong, it must be a good mouse.

Band camp has been slowly getting hotter. This morning didn’t feel like it was all that hot, but all of a sudden I was sweating waterfalls. It was pretty gross, and after fundamentals I basically had no sunscreen left on my face. But on the bright side, I only have one week to go. For the past two days we have gotten to stay inside after lunch because we are working faster than our drill writer.

Tonight Jaden is spending the night because I can’t babysit him at their house. It hasn’t been too bad. I was expecting it to be much worse. We started out by playing on the swing-set, next a little air-hockey, then a few arousing games of Hungry Hungry Hippos, and now we are watching Freaky Friday. It has actually been somewhat pleasant experience.

I don’t really have anything else to report. My days are kind of boring because I do pretty much the same thing over and over. Oh yeah! What color is your man sweater? This bit of information will make the search much easier.

Looking forward to your post tomorrow!

– Captain Spazzmataz