Ultimate Sister Weekend

Dearest Readers,

This weekend the Super Koala and I had the house to ourselves because our parentals are in Cancun. They are super butt faces because the high temperatures here are about 60, and they are laying out on a beach right now, but at least we had an entire weekend of doing exactly what we wanted with no nagging.

Our super sister weekend started on Friday with Super Koala arriving in town very early because neither of us had school that day. We had decided to take a spontaneous trip to The Melting Pot other than our usual Christmas time visit, but our reservations weren’t until 9, so we went to the movies first.

Normally when we go to the movies we get kiddy combos as our snack of choice. This time they had extra special Peanuts Movie buckets for only 50 cents more. Of course we had to get them, and it was a really great idea because it was double the popcorn for only 50 cents!


Our movie of choice was Crimson Peak because Tom Hiddleston. He is so wonderful even if I hate scary/suspenseful movies. I did enjoy the movie, especially after the wonderful turn of events that was revealed in the last 30 seconds that made everything better.

When it was finally time for dinner, we gladly stuffed ourselves to the point of no return.

IMG_1120 IMG_1122 IMG_1121

Whenever we go to the Melting Pot, we get the four course meal and it is always so delicious. For the cheese, we got the spinach artichoke dip which came with apples, bread, chips, and assorted vegetables to dip with.


This was the first time we had tried this cheese, and it was so good. Especially with the bread and chips. The next course was salad. We both got the caeser salad which contains the most delicious parmesan encrusted pine nuts ever, but we forgot to take a picture of this portion. For the main entree, I got the steak lovers platter, which contained three types of steak, and Super Koala got the vegetarian platter. Hers had so many types of vegetables, that she was not able to finish it all.


Finally came the dessert fondu. They had a special 40th anniversary dessert that consisted of white chocolate fondu with a molten lava cake on top. It. Was. Amazing.


After almost three hours and not being able to move much anymore, we headed home for bedtime because our Saturday adventures took place at my band competition.

This was a local competition at Seckman High School. Our band was one of the biggest there, which is uncommon, and we took first in our division in prelims, and then took first overall in finals.

IMG_1141 IMG_1143 IMG_1142

During the day it warmed up okay, even enough for Super Koala and I to share a sno-cone,


but once the sun started to go down, the temperature plumeted and we were very cold for the rest of the night. We came home, but not before a trip to QT for hot chocolate and taquitos, and cuddled in bed while watching Scrubs on Netflix.

Today we made a trip to Barnes and Noble to pick out a new sister project to do. After looking around for about an hour, we decided on, Rip it! Write it! Draw it! It is a book very similar to Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal, but it is something new with different activities in it.


We will now get back into regular weekly posting with my posts on Fridays and Super Koala’s on Mondays. Every week we will be completing two pages of the book, and this time we are going to do them in order.

That is all we have for now, thanks for reading!

– The Sisters Ravens


Sister Weekend: Second Annual Color Run

Dearest Readers,

This weekend marked another milestone in the history of our sister blog.  That is, of course, the semi-running of another 5k.  We tackled the Color Run, crazy to think it has been over a year since we started recording our adventures!

Spazzmataz came to visit me after leaving school early on Friday. (Shh, don’t tell.)  After her arrival, we embarked on leg one of our adventurous weekend.  First we went to gather our race packets, where we purchased the most adorable unicorn, Hue, who became our mascot for the weekend.  And for life.  Obviously.  Afterward, we saw the movie Home.  It was adorable, as was Hue during the spectation.


Saturday we arose painstakingly early for our run.  The race was in a different area than last year and took another route.  I found this slightly disappointing.  I think last year’s set up was much better.  Nonetheless, it was still a good time.  It’s nearly impossible to actually run at the Color Run; there are too many people walking.  But, I think we still put in a good running effort.

IMG_8104 IMG_8106

Customary before and after pictures.

This year, it was just the two of us running.  So we had to take solo jumping pictures.  Behold their excellence.

IMG_8107 IMG_8108 IMG_8109 IMG_8118

Afterwards, we shamelessly waited outside Pineapple Whip for at least fifteen minutes to retrieve our first Whips of the year.  They have new flavors!


We then spent a most glorious afternoon at the dog park, feasting on Hu Hot, and watching the live action version of Cinderella.  Surprisingly delightful.  Also, Hurts Donuts.

After so many activities, we were sleepy this morning.  We spent a nice deal of time cuddling with ze adorable puppies.

IMG_8127 IMG_8129

Once motivated, we went for a nice trail walk.  It is oddly chilly for almost May.


Bonus Color Run nails picture that I am too lazy to properly integrate into this post.


Now, we lay on Spazzmataz’s bed in mah hizzouse with puppies at our feet, preparing for her most tragic departure.  Thank goodness it is almost summer time.

– The Sisters Ravens

Wrecking + Colorado

Dearest Super Koala,

I don’t even know if I know how to do this anymore! I haven’t posted in FOREVER. This post is going to strictly be my wrecking for this week and many pictures and accounts from my adventures in Colorado.

This week I was only able to complete one postcard because all of the other ones need more planning.


At first I thought it was going to be really lame, but some of the outcomes are really hilarious.


A few of my favorites are: Biodegradable Flower Computer, Quintessential Mud Shower, and Flamboyant Bird Chair.

For my wrecking, I was able to complete two.

IMG_0812 IMG_0813

IMG_0814 IMG_0815

I think they turned out pretty well. I could have gotten the page a lot blacker, but I got tired of it and was afraid a bug was going to attack me for disturbing its home. As for my super happy grass hear, I think he is adorable. I will call him Heath. Also, I really love our yard. It is always so nice looking and well kept, thanks to our Father, so that is where I got the grass from. No other grass is worthy to be in my wrecking book. Unless it is European grass, but seeing as I do not have access to that, I will have to stick with what I’ve got. Also, I think I am developing spring time allergies. I have sneezed and blown my nose so many times today that it hurts. So sad days for that.

Now on to my super Colorado post!

So for those of you who don’t know. I was in Colorado Springs last week for a band trip. We left on Wednesday after school and didn’t get back until Sunday evening. When we got there on Thursday, the first thing we did was visit the Olympic Training Center.

IMG_0749 IMG_0742

The first picture is the view down one of the roads that is lined with flags from countries across the world. It was a really pretty scene with the mountains in the background. The picture on the right is Shan and I in a real bobsled. We were the first ones to take a picture in it! After us, there was a line to get in it that didn’t die down until our actual tours started, so it is a good thing we got in. For our tour, a guide took us around to different buildings. We got to see the shooting range, the wrestling room, a couple of weight rooms, and the pool. While we were looking at the pool Ryan Lochte was swimming in it which is pretty cool.

After the Training Center we had a couple of hours to walk around the Garden of the Gods. If you don’t know what it is, it is a public park with amazing rock formations and trails. It is really REALLY cool, and if I ever go back to that area, I would definitely visit again.

DSCN0025 DSCN0036 DSCN0050

We had so much fun climbing all over the smaller formations and seeing the fantastic bigger ones. Then, on our way to the hotel, I saw the best billboard ever.


It is just nice to know that Colorado is making sure I know all of the rules. I also saw many motel signs that said they were 4:20 friendly.

After a quick change in the hotel, we went to dinner and the show. Our dinner was at Fargo’s Pizza. I am Pizza spoiled, so it wasn’t that great, but it was food and greatly welcomed after a long day. Our show was Mamma Mia. This was the first time that I have seen it, and it was so good. I really enjoyed it, especially the end when Dad got up and started dancing.

The next day was a bright and early start at the United States Air Force Base. We had a clinic with their band leader and individual section master classes with someone from their band that plays the same instrument. It was really cool to get some one on one (or at least in my case one six on one time) with someone who is considered to be a professional at the same instrument that I play, especially because I am thinking about possibly joining a military band. The clinic was really great and they said that we were one of the most advanced bands that had ever come to work with them.

After that we went to the Manitou Cliff Dwellings. They are ancient Native American homes that we could crawl through and explore. It was pretty cool to see the size of the rooms they lived in. Most of them were really small, and I have a feeling they had to duck a lot.


This is a picture of me looking out one of the windows in their house.

Also at the Cliff Dwellings, there was this mechanical horse that Mr. P thought would be a good idea to ride, however, you can tell by his face how he really felt.


Then we went to the Cave of the Winds. We got a tour and then we got to do this zip line thing and a ropes course that hung over the edge of the mountain.


The little spikey things in this picture are covered by wire because if you touch them they are poisons and you would have to get acid poured on the wound site to get the poison out. Our tour guide said that last month he accidentally hit his head on one.


This is a cave garden. It looks like a little village, but you can’t really see it all that well in my picture.


This formation was up in a little hole and it is called the giants bleeding heart. All of the lines running down make it look like veins, and the red color is natural.


The last formation we saw was this one, and it looks like Oogie-Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas!


This is the ropes course that we went on, and if you can’t tell, the picture is of me and my friend Titanicing. We Titaniced so many times throughout the trip. It was great.


This is me and Shan on the zip line. The picture is really blurry, but it is because we were moving super fast.

When we finished at the cave, we went to a dinner theater for another dinner and show night. The dinner was once again just okay, and the show was once again awesome. However, it was awesome for very different reasons. It was a melodrama, so basically it was so bad and cheesy that it was fantastic.

On our last day, we once again woke up super early and then took the Cog Railway up Pikes Peak. Even though we have already been up Pikes Peak, we definitely missed out the first time not taking the train up. It was so cool, and it went through the woods, so it was a lot prettier than going up the road. We were super lucky that we got to go because the day before was the first day that they were able to go up since December because of all the snow. My friends decided to get super artsy with our photo, but I think it turned out really cool.


We also saw this guy that was attempting to ski down the side! We got to talk to him while he was preparing. He is attempting to ski down all 56 mountains over 10,000 feet in Colorado and so far he has completed 38. He is my hero.


Also, we met these hikers that hiked up the mountain that morning and started the trek at 1:30 IN THE MORNING!!!! Also heroes. I didn’t get many good photos at the top of Pikes Peak because my camera dies.

Once we got down, we had like five minutes to get to the high school for the competition. Needless to say, we were late, but the people were very nice and let us push our time back. Once it was all over we wound up getting a gold rating for wind symphony, an gold rating for symphonic band, a silver rating for jazz 1, and a bronze rating for jazz 2. All in all, it was a really great trip, and a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Especially after the band trip to beat all band trips last year at Hawaii.

Valentine’s Weekend Fun

This weekend the Super Koala and I were once again united. Friday we both had the day off, so I made my first drive to Springfield. After three hours, we were finally together. We spent the day eating tasty food and hanging out with Pleasant Hopeians. For lunch we went to Bread Co. and I had my first ever bowl of broccoli cheddar soup. It was delicious, and I can see many more in my future. Then we went to Elle’s for tasty desserts.


Later that evening we went to the great town of Pleasant Hope to watch a basketball game. It was very intense and stressful, and sadly they lost. Afterwards there was a sort of hang out at the high school that Super Koala had to chaperone. They had movies, video games, board games, basketball, and ping-pong. We played trivial pursuit and, of course, Super Koala was the winner.

Yesterday was a beautiful morning, so we took the puppy girls to Rutledge-Wilson Farm for a nice long walk. They have a cute little pond where Nyx was able to be an adventure dog.


When we got home, it was too nice outside to continue to stay indoors, so we took the girls out to the dog park. It was the second best dog park day ever. Nyxie was was so nice to the other dogs, and she played, and she didn’t growl at anyone, and it was the best. There were even a couple of dogs bigger than her, and she didn’t get upset once. It was so cute because she didn’t want to leave when it was time to go home. Then we sat at home for a little until we traveled to Lebanon for dinner with Mamabird and our Nonna. We had Chinese food at Bamboo Gardens. It was pretty good, and I tried crab Rangoon for the first time.


When we got home, we decided to watch one of the movies off of our list, but sadly we fell asleep so we will re-watch the parts we missed tonight.

I am supposed to stay with the Koalas until Monday because we both have the day off again, but it is supposed to snow really hard, so I have to leave today. So, we made the most of our last day and got lots of things accomplished. We planned on going out for breakfast one day, so of course we had to go to Waffle House. Then we went to the mall, and I got a new pair of sweatpants, and we each got a sister related piece of jewelry.


Before we went to the mall, we had to make a pit stop at Barnes and Noble until the mall opened. We saw adorable kitten puzzles and lots of books that we stared at longingly.


They also had a pile of vinyls and one was of the new Maroon 5 album. Super Koala and I are very curious as to weather it is supposed to be the letter V or the roman numeral 5.


(Or maybe a less than sign)

Then we went to Hurts Donuts for a tasty snack. I also got a half-dozen to take home with me.


They were super busy, but luckily there were lots of donuts, so there were plenty for us to chose form. We had a great weekend even though it was cut short, and we will see each other soon enough. Also, tomorrow we will have a Skype reading date, so there will be another A Million Little Pieces post.

The Fantastical Wonderful Birthday Weekend

This past weekend commenced the excellent occasion that was, in fact, our combined sister birthday weekend.  It’s sort of a lie to call it a combined birthday celebration, because the Captain’s birthday is, also in fact, nine days after mine.  But since my (23rd!) was on a Sunday, and so many fun events were happening that weekend, we decided to joint celebrate.  Also, her birthday is on a Tuesday, which is not as good.  So many commas.


The Captain and our illustrious father came down to begin their visit on Friday, where we immediately feasted upon exceptionally delicious Mexican food.  The evening passed with some jazz music and a relatively early bed time to prepare for the most epic Saturday.

We began our day with the Color Run 5k.

Pre Coloring

Pre Coloring

We arrived early, with three other girls that made up our team.  We experienced a sleepy sort of excitement, waiting in line for our wave to begin the run.  I was a most wheezy Koala and was not capable of running much thanks to illness.  We ran a little though, particularly the last stretch to the finish line.  After Captain rolled through some purple color, and we all twirled through the color stations, we looked something like dis:

Post Coloring

Post Coloring

The entire team

The entire team

However, when you cross the finish line you get a packet of your very own color.  These, of course, we released into a small tornado of color packet wonder, which resulted in something like dis:

Post color packets

Post color packets

After a little more celebration, we walked home to many showers and a refrigerator purchase.  This was in (sort of) preparation for our second event of the day: the All Time Low concert.

Waiting outside for the concert

Waiting outside for the concert

Now, I bought these tickets a while go, knowing Spazz and I had been fond of the band.  I think we were both shocked to find out that the show was sold out.  I was particularly excited, given that this was Captain’s first concert.  I figured it would make for a good crowd atmosphere, which I was mostly right.  Too many kiddos with their cell phones.

The concert was a blur of pop punk excitement.  As such, we present these pictures as evidence.

Hand Guns

Hand Guns

The first band to play was a little group called Hand Guns.  To be honest, I’ve never heard of them.  But they had some impressively loyal fans in the crowd.

Man Overboard

Man Overboard

Next came Man Overboard, which Spazzmataz has heard of, though I, in my old-fogy status, have not. For this band, we moved to “the pit” area to jockey for All Time Low standing space.  I really feel like my commas are out of control.

First glimpse of All Time Low

First glimpse of All Time Low

And the crowd goes wild.  They mostly expressed this by throwing their underwear on the stage.

Jack with all of his bras

Jack with all of his bras

I don’t understand this.  I feel like it’s an expensive habit.  Do they do this often?  I really didn’t know people actually did this; I thought it was an annoying movie trope.

Alex looking awesome in front of the lights

Alex looking awesome in front of the lights

Zach on his two-toned bass

Zach on his two-toned bass

Jack jammin' on his awesome purple guitar

Jack jammin’ on his awesome purple guitar

Alex singing acoustic

Alex singing acoustic

Creepy mannequin head

Creepy mannequin head

Okay, I really don’t know what the last picture is about.  The kept this bizarre mannequin head on stage, and then occasionally moved it from place to place and made it a hat out of bras.  If some dedicated All Time Low fan happens to read this and knows what is going on, please let us know.

All in all, the show was a really good time.  The singer from All Time Low can actually sing, which is something I appreciate.  There was something technical in their playing, as opposed to a lot of guitar fuzz that I don’t notice because I’m jumping around too much.  And we only ran into seven of my students.  That’s pretty good, statistically.

All too soon, Captain Spazzmataz and Father Spazzmataz were hitting the ole dusty trail of Interstate 44 and heading back to St. Louis.